Boninos Create Performing Arts Scholarship 

Linda and Tony Bonino ’71 never thought they would find themselves so involved with supporting the performing arts. Their interests and achievements involved athletics, not theatre. Tony played football in his four years at SI, and Linda was an avid tennis player on the European youth circuit.

Then their daughter, Dominique, developed a taste and talent for singing, dancing and acting, and they found themselves driving her to rehearsals and performances year-round.

In the fall, the Boninos made a $100,000 donation to fund a scholarship at SI, but instead of directing it toward the construction of new athletics facilities, they requested that the financial aid go to students interested in the performing arts.

Thanks to the family’s largesse, the Bonino Family Performing Arts Scholarship will make an SI education affordable each year for three students — a sophomore, junior and senior — who show talent in and dedication to music, dance, drama or any combination of these fields.

They also hope their gift shines the spotlight on SI’s performing arts programs, which, they feel, do not receive as much attention as athletics.

“Students performing in shows often attend multiple eighth period classes, have rehearsals on weekdays and weekends and, during technical rehearsals, work until late at night,” said Tony. “It reminds me of when I was playing football at SI and had double practices. But I competed only in the fall. The arts demand a year-round commitment from students and a tremendous amount of juggling of schedules to achieve excellence in both the classroom and on the stage.”

Students in the arts programs, added Linda, “tend to be extremely well rounded and deserve as much attention as SI’s athletes.”

Both Tony and Linda are grateful for their daughter’s devotion to the arts. “Had it not been for her, we would probably not have developed as much of a passion ourselves nor attend as many plays, concerts and recitals as we now do on a regular basis,” added Linda.

Tony still has fond memories of his time at SI, with two years spent at the Stanyan Street campus and two on 37th Avenue.

“The great traditions of SI seemed everywhere at the old school. Everyone went to the rallies, and thousands of fans went to the football games at Kezar.”

SI, he added, “taught me to the value of giving back to those who gave me so much. SI gave me confidence. The teachers taught us to achieve, and we respected them because they were larger than life. I still remember students making way in the halls for Fr. Becker, Mr. Corwin or J.B. Murphy.”

SI is grateful for the Boninos for their generous gift, one that will help SI keep its promise never to turn away a qualified applicant for financial reasons.

If you are interested in starting a scholarship to give the gift of education to a deserving student, contact Joe Vollert ’84, director of development, at (415) 731-7500, ext. 319, or send him an email at

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