During your Junior Year- don't wait to complete your service requirement!

2015-2016 School Year

Upperclassmen Core Project Applications are due May 1st.

Figure out your service status

**Quarter Report Cards will Include Total Service Hours and Journal Information. You can also  view your total amount of hours on Powerschool. Students are always welcome into CS during open door office hours to check your service file. 

Remember Deadlines

Please remember your deadlines for your Core journal. Do NOT forget to submit your service hours
within 6 months of completing your service.


If you have less than 40 hours complete

Basically, You Must Complete Entire Requirement by SI August Registration (all verification is due when you come to register for classes in August)

Determine if you will do ALL Core Service for the remaining hours OR if you will do Core Service and then finish the remaining with Support Service.  At this point, the CS Office recommends that you just do all your service at one place, with a journal---do it all core!

Core Service= At least 40 Core Hours with same agency with Journal

If you have between 41-99 hours complete

If Journal is Not Yet Done:

You have not yet done your Core Service.This service must be at least 40 hours with the same agency with your journal. See STEPS below.

If Journal is Done:

You need To Finish all remaining support service hours by SI August Registration. 

Next Steps

• REGISTER for Core service approval (your application needs to be submitted by May 1st!) and to receive journal by May 23, 2016

• DO Service and complete a thorough, thoughtful journal

• Keep Track of Your Service

• During August Registration at SI, if anything interrupted completion of your service hours, you MUST check in with the CS office.


  • Pre-Approved Core Agency Lists are in CS Office. If the Agency you want to Serve with Is Not a Pre-Approved Agency You can Petition to get approval for Core Service.
  • If you want to do a camp- Apply to more than one!
  • Have a back up plan in case your plans change this summer
  • The CS Office will be open only limited hours during the summer—Set up Service BEFORE you leave for summer break! ASK Questions BEFORE Summer Break!
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