Core Service Project Process

Part of your Community Service Graduation Requirement requires an intentional experience of encounter with people in a marginalized population for at least 40 hours within a 6 month timeframe.

Our office, Community Service and Social Justice, in cooperation with Sophomore level teachers are committed to supporting you discern what kind of service and with whom are you called to go within the first semester of Sophomore Year.

You will have your Sophomore and Junior years to complete your CORE SERVICE PROJECT which includes:

  • In-Class Discernment Activity
  • Completion of Proposal Form which is approved by the Partner Agency and our office
  • Completion of an online journal in 3 parts (before during, and after your service)
  • Completion and verification of at least 40 hours within a 6 month period
  • Participation in two 30 minute reflection groups with your peers during your Resource period roughly within 6 weeks of completing your service hours. 

 Questions/Concerns? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Come by our office or email us.

Sophomore Service & Plunge Retreat

"To me, a faith that seeks justice deals with going farther than just having a strong faith, but rather is about taking action. It’s easy to believe in something, but when we turn our beliefs into actions, that’s what makes the difference. With my faith, I believe that I can grow and learn to face the challenges and injustices of my time. If I had to explain “a faith that seeks justice” I would say that it involves incorporating our morals and values into our daily lives. We cannot have complete faith unless we act out our beliefs, just like we cannot act out our beliefs unless we have faith." -- Junior SI Student

This year, as a sophomore, you will have the opportunity to go on the Sophomore Retreat and St Anthony Service Plunge with your Religious Studies class. This retreat consists of a service experience through the St. Anthony Foundation (SAF) followed by retreat activities, which include reflection, sharing, and prayer. SAF is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.

Students will begin the day by learning about the context for SAF’s work, including an introduction to various programs that assist people in need, particularly the homeless and poor. After this brief orientation, students will engage in direct service organized by SAF. This service is followed by lunch in which SI students accompany guests and join in eating at the SAF Dining Room.

Students will return to SI in the evening for dinner and a prayer service before going home for the night. The retreat continues the next day on SI’s campus with participation in Friday Morning Liturgy and concludes at 2 pm.

Student Permission Slip (click here)

Sophomore Retreat Info Sheet (click here)

A Typical Day on the Plunge & Sophomore Rereat (Click Here)

Parent Information: Service Chaperone & Retreat Evening Dinner (Click Here)

Campus Ministry Link (Click Here)

About the Tenderloin

The Tenderloin is made up of twenty city blocks, bordered by Union Square, Market Street, and the San Francisco Civic Center. Approximately 29,000 people live in the Tenderloin, many of them in "Single Room Occupancy" hotels (SRO's). Of these residents, about 3,500 are children, though there is only one middle school in the neighborhood (DeMarillac- a free, private middle school connected with SAF). There are no grocery stores or supermarkets in the neighborhood, but there are nearly 200 active liquor licenses. There are as many as 27 languages spoken by residents of the Tenderloin. The primary residents of the Tenderloin are seniors and immigrants. The focus of our immersion experience is to better understand this neighboorhood, and better accompany its residents.

The Thursday Morning "Comfort Run"

Every Thursday morning, students from St. Ignatius travel to Saint Anthony Foundation on a "comfort run." As many residents of the Tenderloin have nowhere to eat breakfast, SI students distribute sandwiches and juice to anyone in need on the street. Student volunteers are needed to make sandwiches, and up to six students are needed to distribute food and meet residents of the Tenderloin who are in need. Sign-up on the white board near the Religious Studies office (room 211) or talk to your religion teacher. The van departs SI at 6:45 AM and returns by 8:15 AM.

For more information, please contact Carlos Escobar


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