Christmas Food & Gift Drive

SI collaborates with St Dominic’s Parish and Rose Court Senior Housing to organize and coordinate one of the largest food and toy outreach programs in the city. 

SI Students, via personal donations and the annual Christmas Dance, raised a total of $17,000 last year. This money went directly to purchase a variety of gifts that we used to stock our Christmas Store. SI students are in charge of selecting and purchasing these gifts as well as organizing them at the store.

SI students, through their fourth period classes will create 225 Food Boxes, each containing  a menu of healthy, reliable food items for our family guests. Each food box is valued at about $75. Classroom teachers are vital to this partnership as they provide educational moments as well as personalized incentives to make our drive a success!

Christmas Family Store – Last year we welcomed numerous families to the store. Parents were provided new, unwrapped toys alongside their meal box. Parents are accompanied by SI students and then driven home by Father Club members. Families were given one food box, a gift certificate for a turkey and several bags of healthy fresh produce. 

The Food and Toy Drive is a 30 -year tradition of holiday sharing with families in need.

The SI community collects non-perishable food, new toys, and money to help 225 families celebrate Christmas.

All is distributed through a partnership with St. Dominic Parish and Rose Court Affordable Housing.   Each participating family is a client of either St Dominic's Social Services or Rose Court Affordable Housing. Each family receives a box containing the makings of a holiday feast as well as some pantry staples, fresh produce, and a gift certificate for a turkey.

How can you Participate?  

Donate Money for Gifts  

Donations are collected at SI to purchase toys to stock our Christmas Store. 

From November 30th  - December 14th Christmas Elves will collect money donations from their 4th period classes or purchase toys. OUR GOAL is to invite every student to give 5 - 10 dollars or a toy worth $15.00.  This collection will help us to purchase enough gifts (800) for local kids. SI involves students in collecting these monetary donations so that we can buy gifts to supply our Family Store held at St Dominic's Parish. This store is where families come to shop for a gift for each of their children. 

Please give generously so we can support our neighbors in San Francisco!

Fill Your Classroom Food Boxes    

Boxes are prepared through fourth period classes, and all students are asked to participate by bringing in four or five food items. Individual teachers or families have also sponsored a family by providing a box. Click here for a Food Box Menu             

Please note that each classroom at SI sponsors between 4-5 boxes. Students are asked to bring in specific items to support a full meal box. If you and your family are interested in donating an additional meal box, please contact SI in advance to make certain we need your donation and to schedule a time for you to deliver it on campus. You can email Ms. Windi Mitchell, Director Community Service/ Boxes must be at school by DECEMBER 17, 2015. Please include all listed menu items in your box; do not leave anything out or add "extras". Please remember your boxes will be given directly to families. We encourage you to take pride in how your box looks and is prepared. Thank you!

Volunteer at the Family Store

We will host the Family Store on Saturday, December 19th. Community parents are invited to shop for a gift for each of their children at the store which is housed at St. Dominic's. Parents are accompanied by SI students and then, if needed, driven home by Father's Club volunteers.

We have volunteer needs preceeding the event. On Friday, December 18th we need volunteers to help move our food boxes from SI to St Dominic's. We will also need help to set up and decorate our store. Volunteer Hours: 1:30pm- 4:30pm. On Saturday, December 19th we need volunteers to help staff the Christmas Store. Volunteers are needed for two-hour shifts. Volunteer Hours: 9:30am - 4:00pm.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Family Store, please contact the CS Office in early December.    

If you are interested in providing gifts for the Family Store, please contact the CS Office directly to set up a time to drop off these gifts.

Donated toys MUST be unwrapped and be brought direclty to SI no later than Friday, December 18th. Gift Cards to popular stores such as Target, Best Buy, Ross and others are always needed.   We have specific recommendations for toys that are needed by the St Dominic's community, please see the list below.

Ideas for gifts for shopping for the Christmas Store

  • hooded sweatshirts for teen boys
  • board games (Candyland, Monopoly, Clue, Risk etc.)                                                                                
  • sports equipment (basketballs, footballs, mitts)
  • trucks and Cars (Tonka)
  • large stuffed animals and dolls
  • purses for 12-18 year olds
  • portable CD Players
  • $20 Gift Cards (Borders, Mervyn's, Circuit City, Itunes, Payless Shoes)

Be A Christmas Elf!

Volunteer to be a classroom leader and serve as a Christmas Elf.

(Elf Notes Click Here) 


All proceeds from the Christmas Dance on December 9th benefit the Food and Gift Drive, making a direct connection between our own celebration and serving others.

Fathers' Club Christmas Store Volunteers

On Saturday the 17th we need fathers to help as drivers for our Christmas Store. Dads are invited to sign up for shifts during which you will provide rides home to families visiting the Christmas Store. Many of our guests use public transportation to St. Dominic's, so drivers are essential to bringing the Christmas spirit home. 

Each shift will be about two hours. It is okay if you can work only an hour or need to overlap shifts; any and all help is appreciated. Please mark your availability on the sign-up form linked below. If you would like more information (or find online forms too stressful), please email Ray Williamson ( or Sean Baenen (, co-chairs of the event.



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