How To Organize an On-Campus Drive/Fundraiser!

Once you have received approval, you can then organize a fantastic Drive/Fundraiser

The Arrupe Solidarity Council has set some conditions, criteria and a process for all on campus Drive/Fundraisers.

Please be mindful of these considerations:


  • Funds can only be raised for non-profit organizations.
  • There must be a demonstrated educational piece.
  • The fundraiser must be sponsored by a pre-existing group in our
  • community (class, club, team)
  • All money will be turned in to the Business Office. It must be accounted for
  • by at least two people from the sponsoring group a head of time. At least one of
  • these people must be an adult moderator.
  • Sponsoring groups are responsible to provide follow-up information and publish results to the larger community.


  • Priority is given to building relationships for on-going involvement.
  • Priority is given to student-initiated projects versus
  • faculty-initiated ones.
  • There should not be more than one fundraiser going on at a time


  • Groups need to submit fundraising approval forms to the Arrupe Solidarity Council through the office of Campus Ministry. It meets twice a month, and groups should submit their forms in a timely matter.
  • The council will decide whether they will recommend a drive to be
  • approved by the principal.
  • Approved forms will be submitted for approval to the principal the Monday following the council's discussion.
  • Groups will be informed of the final decision and any additional conditions.
  • Groups deposit all funds on a daily basis to the business office through the account # 02-2-
  • 5343-000.
  • Groups should requisite a check to be sent to their charitable organization from the
  • Business Office.
  • Final results should be publicized to the SI community.


Have a core group of leaders, students in collaboration with adults, who will make your drive happen

Make sure you are partnering with a Community Agency. Before you begin a drive you need to make sure the agency is ready for your donation (and that the donation is something they truly NEED).

Promote, Educate and Remind!

Promote your drive a week or so ahead of time

Educate students--be able to answer" Why are we doing this drive? Who will be helped? How will they be helped?"

Remind: be consistent with your message and gently remind students to get their donations, and bring them in!

Use the resources you have available at SI:

  • Announcements
  • Posters
  • WildCAT email list
  • Website
  • Faculty Allies

Make it easy for students to bring in their donation.

Have drop off locations:

  • By elevators
  • In Classrooms
  • In the Community Service Office or Campus Ministry Office
  • In Mr. Gavin’s office.
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