On-Campus Fundraiser/Drives

SI is very committed to being a partner and resource within the local, national and international neighborhood. Often students, clubs, teams or classes are empowered to organize an on-campus charity drive (to collect resources such as clothing, toiletries, books) or fundraiser. These drives/fundraisers provide an awesome educational opportunity to learn about communities beyond SI as well as a great way for students to practice their own charity actions.

Because our calendar of activities is so full at SI, we request that any plan or proposal for an On-Campus Fundraiser or Drive be submitted to the student-run Arrupe Solidarity Council. Please plan to submit your idea in advance for approval to make sure that our community is not overloaded.

Students, in collaboration with their moderator, should submit an online Fundraiser Form. This form should be filled out and submitted to Campus Ministry promptly for review by the Arrupe Solidarity Council.

Proposals will be considered as received. Proposals are not approved until the council reviews the plan, paying close attention to the schools activity calendar and the goals of the drive/fundraiser.

For more information and suggestions for how to organize a successful Fundraiser/Drive--click here!

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