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What is the role of the Personal/Academic Counselor?

The role of the Personal/Academic Counselor at Saint Ignatius is to assist students in their personal and academic needs over their four years Saint Ignatius career by:  

  • Communicating between multiple parties including student, parents, teachers and administration.
  • Assist students in their scheduling process during their early Spring semester
  • Supporting students and their families with personal and crisis needs Working closely with support services, referrals and assessments

What is the role of the College Counselor?

The role of a College Counselor at Saint Ignatius is to advise students and their families through the college research and application process starting at the tenth grade level lasting through graduation.


To learn more about about Powerschool go to Powerschool Frequently Asked Questions


How do I see my counselor?

Students can initiate a counseling appointment by visiting the Counseling Center, on the second floor, to request an appointment in person or fill out a paper form to request an appointment if your counselor is not available at that time.  A student can also email their counselor to request an appointment. 


Please note:  Counselors may take up to 48 hours to respond to an appoitnment request. 

How do I check my grades on Powerschool?

How do I find out about Counseling Events?

All Counseling events are on SI's school calendar and can be viewed on the Counseling Department's home page


How do I earn a PE waiver?

Our course catalog describes all the critiera to meet this requirement. This information is at the bottom of the Physical Education page.  You can click here to obtain a PE waiver form



How do I get into an Honors class?

The Academic Office provides detail information about the critieria.  Students can speak with their current teachers and personal/academic counselors. 


What should I do if I think I have a learning disability?

Speak with your Personal/Academic Counselor as soon as possible.

What is Family Connection/Naviance?

Family Connection, created by Naviance, is a web based program that provides a foundation for our entire counseling program. Students are asked to complete various tasks depending on their grade level through their Family Connection account. These tasks include: Learning Style Inventory, Personality Type Assessment, High School Course Scheduling and Planning, Standardized Test Practice and various College Search and Application features.  As each student progresses through high school, information such as unweighted GPA and standardized test scores are included on the student’s account. The only information accessible to individual students and parents is their personal data. Otherwise, individual student information is kept confidential.

Family Connection provides a comprehensive tool for meaningful communication between students, parents and the SI counselor.  Students and parents should make a habit of viewing the Family Connection homepage. Monthly updates and announcements are included for each grade level. Parents with more than one student at St. Ignatius are able to view the homepage for each child’s grade level by selecting the student name from a drop down menu. All forms and instructions provided to students by the Counseling Department may also be found on Family Connection.

Where do I find out about clubs at SI?

What standardized tests should I take and when?

Students should take a set of tests in the spring of the Junior year and retest in the Fall of their senior year. Juniors can begin to register for their exam July prior to their Junior year.  We recommend that each student take the SAT Reasoning Test and/or the ACT Plus Writing once in the spring, then repeat the test once or twice in the Fall of Senior year. In addition students should take at least two SAT Subject tests in the spring of junior year (students can take it earlier pending on their superiority of the subject matter). Since the SAT Subject tests are content based, June, when the class is complete, is often the best time to take a subject test.

Check your campus for specific subject requirements for majors and campuses.  

During X Period how do I know if I am in Group A, B or 1,2,3

Counselors will be informing students in August regarding their groupings

Where do I get tutoring help?

  1. You will have a Resource Period throughout the week.  Go to the Resource room to receive assistance.
  2. Seek out assistance from your teacher.
  3. CSF tutors are available for peer tutoring.  See Ms. Quattrin.
  4. Go to the Learning Center during their office hours:  
    • Monday - Thursday: 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Fridays: during school hours
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