Study Skills

Time Management

In today's fast paced world, time management for high school students is essential. With classes and schoolwork, extracurricular activities, working and finding time for friends, time management is crucial in creating a healthy school-life balance. Here are some helpful sites and resources for taking control of your time and organizing your life.

Organizational Skills

LD Online is a well designed one-stop-shop for all learners, not just those with learning disabilities and/or attention disorders. The site addresses fundamental organizational skills to do well in school and life.

Test Anxiety

Generally, we all experince some level of nervousness or tension before tests or other important events in our lives. A little nervousness can actually help motivate us; however, too much of it can become a problem - especially if it interferes with our ability to prepare for and perform on exams. Here are some helpful sites to learn more about test anxiety:  

Tips on How to Academically Succeed at SI


1. Use the monthly calendar to note any long-term projects that are due. Anticipate long term assignments by breaking it into parts so you are not spending an entire Sunday cramming to get it all done. 

2. Losing a textbook does not provide you with an excuse for missed work. Get another book soon or copy the pages necessary for homework.

3. If you are given a group project, remember to set a meeting time, place, day, etc.  Projects impact your grade a great deal; so do not leave it up to someone else to see it through. There will usually be at least one person in the group that can be a “flake” so make sure it is not you.

4. You should have a folder specific for assignments that need to be turned in.

5. Develop a study plan incorporating your commute, athletic schedule and most importantly the rigor of college preparatory academics.

6. When you go to your locker at the end of the school day check assignments so you know to bring home the correct books.

7. You may think that you can multitask, but it has been proven that students who do this get lower grades so keep homework separate from Facebook, Text Messaging, etc.

Organizing at Night:

8. Before going to bed, be certain you have printed your homework and placed it in your folder. If for some reason your computer is not functioning, make arrangements to get to school early to use one in the lab.

9. Review your planner or go online the night before in case there is a special schedule the next day.

10. Review the planner Sunday evening to review the schedule and activities for the week.

11. Pack up your backpack the night before



12.  Studying and doing homework will change in high school, so you may need to develop a new method of studying, organizing and managing time.

13.  Write down any assignments even if your teacher does not regularly use Canvas or PowerSchool.

14. In the evening, you must check the Canvas/PowerSchool site for each of your classes.

15Turn in all homework assignments on time.  This will greatly impact your grade.

16. Have a buddy in each of your classes that you can contact if you need clarification on an assignment.

17. Always do your math homework every night even though it may not be graded or collected.

18. You are responsible for each and every assignment, even if it is unclear or you forgot to bring a book home. If this is the case, you need to get to school early to complete the assignment.

19. If for any reason, your homework is not ready on the due date, speak to your teacher that very day to ask permission to turn it in the next day. Do not ignore the collection of homework in hopes that the teacher won’t notice.  Late homework is always marked down or gets no credit.


20. Get help from your teacher when you do not understand something. It is your responsibility to understand all that you are taught. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that you understand.  Teachers want to help you!

21. If you miss a day of school check the homework site. You need to turn in homework regardless of an absence. Check in with each of your teachers the next day.

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