Bloggie Instructions

Important filming tip: Hold your Bloggie horizontally while filming.

If you hold your Bloggie vertically, it will result in a much smaller image with large black bars on either side of your movie.

How to use and charge the Bloggie:

  • Turn on the power and press the red button and you will begin recording in high definition; you can also zoom and take pictures while recording!
  • Record and store up to 2 hours of HD video with the camera's 4GB built-in flash memory.
  • Self-record using the front display feature. Just press the middle button next to the main screen and turn the camera around to see yourself while you record.  
  • Auto-Macro zoom allows you to take pictures or video as close as 4" from your subject - perfect for closeups of text.
  • Charge the battery or upload your video by connecting the USB extender cable to the built-in USB arm; then, connect directly to your computer.
    • The extender cable protects the Bloggie, so please use it!  
    • You can also connect the USB extender cable directly to a USB power adapter.

 Retrieving video from the Bloggie:

Bloggies create MP4 files, which are compatible with Macs and Windows-based computers. All of the computers at school are able to process MP4 files.

To upload your files to a computer, begin by  connecting the Bloggie to the computer as described above (remember the extender cable!).

     Mac users:

  • On your desktop, you will see two device icons, one named "Bloggie" and the other named "Bloggie SW". You can ignore the SW version, unless you're interested in looking at the Bloggie handbook.
  1. Click on "Bloggie"
  2. Click on "MP Root"
  3. Click on the folder "101ANV01"  to get to your files.
  4. At this point, if you just want to save the files, drag them to your desktop. Since they are already in MP4 format, you don't have to import them immediately into iMovie. Once they are on your desktop, you can save them to a large capacity USB drive if necessary, or watch them using QuickTime.
  • To import your files directly into iMovie, start by opening the iMovie application.
  1. From iMovie, go to File --> Import --> Movies --> Bloggie --> MP Root --> 101ANV01 
  2. To select more than one file, hold down the shift key while you drag the cursor over multiple files; selected files will be highlighted.
  • Or you can import your files into iMovie from iPhoto by following these directions:
  1. From iMovie, go to File --> Import --> Movies
  2. scroll down on the left side of the menu and select Photos under the Media section.
  3. Choose your movie from the iPhoto selection given, and click "import"

  PC Users

  • Once you have connected the Bloggie to the computer, you will be given several options for importing. Select "Import pictures and videos" and then select Bloggie. (Ignore any pop-up windows referring to the Bloggie software).
  • Your pictures and videos will be imported into  your MyPictures folder. If you are on a school computer, the pictures in MyPictures are in a network folder and need to be copied to your computer before you can add them to Windows Live.
  • Double click on Bloggie (J:), and you will see a screen with three folders.
    • Click on the MP_Root folder.
    • Click on the folder 101ANV01. You should see your pictures and movies.
  • Open Windows Live movie maker and click "Add Videos and Photos" (on the toolbar).
  • Highlight the video/picture files you want to import (hold down the shift key to select multiple files) and click open (at the bottom of the screen). Your files should be imported into Windows Live.

 NOTE: If you have an older operating system that cannot process MP4 files, we recommend using the computers at school. If you must use an old computer, import the files from the Bloggie to a folder on your computer. Convert the files to .AVI format using a converter website like The website will step you through the process. However, if your movie is large, this will take a very long time.

Deleting images from the Bloggie:

click here for instructions

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