Latin Oratory Project

Research tip: read the assignment carefully highlighting word for searching (key terms). Create an ongoing list with your initial key terms and add synonyms and other words as you work through the research process. 


The topics you've selected for this project:

Death Penalty
Artificial Intelligence
Apple should/should not create a back door
Legalizing Drugs

Research Databases and Others

The databases are helpful places to go to get credible sources of many types. Plus, the databases create your Works Cited entries for you that you can just copy and paste in alphabetical (by first word in entry) order on your Works Cited page.

Research hint: develop a list of search terms and use the Advanced Search feature in these databases to search for your topic by subject combined with one of your search terms.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center This is a great site to go for logical arguments on both the pros and cons of your issues. Several of your topics have the own category pages on the database. 

Student Resources in Context Very usable site. It's easy to find material on this database.

The New York Times All students and faculty have complete access to the New York Times as long as they are on campus. This will be a very valuable source while you're looking for up-to-date information about your topic.


Destiny Book Catalog

Try searching by keyword or relevant subject words from your database research, i.e. "animal experimentation" in the Destiny catalog.

Use the catalog to find books.  Look in the index or table of contents to find information about your subject that may relate to your topic.  Again, use your key terms list.

When searching for an author or subject: Last Name, First Name

Reference Books

Reference books will be displayed in Destiny with R as the beginning of the call number.


Click here to learn how to create your Works Cited page.

Databases provide you with the footnotes in MLA format.  Look for a "cite" or "citation tools" button.

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