PreCalculus Honors – Math Research Project

To begin:

After reading your article, think about words, phrases, concepts, etc. that apply to your topic. These terms will be your KEY WORDS. You will use these to search databases, books and search engines for information about your topic.

When searching in a database or a search engine utilize AND, OR, and NOT functions to combine key words. Also, when searching a database, look for suggested search words or topics within the database results.


Research Databases

When using databases, look around the results page to investigate other suggested topics or search terms.

Encyclopedia Britannica - General encyclopedia, websites, magazines, primary sources, video clips

Science Online  Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive definitions, essays, diagrams, biographies, and experiments


Internet Resources

Wolfram MathWorld - extensive mathematics resource

Kahn Academy - thousands of videos of math, science and humanities.

When searching online, limit your search results to .gov or .edu sites; for exmple: hexaflexagon


Destiny Book Catalog

Use the catalog to find books.  Consider searching under mathematics or a particular branch of this subject. Select the Keyword button for results. Look in the index or table of contents using your key terms to find information about your subject that may relate to your topic.


Citing Sources

Citing Sources - St. Ignatius Citation Resource Page

Purdue Owl - Purdue University Citation Resource

Wilsey Library databases provide citation information. Check to be sure that the format is correct.

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