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First Things First

Brainstorm about your topic(s) and write down any words that come to mind to start developing a list of search tearms. These are you Key Words. You will use them to search in books, databases, and the internet.


Research Databases


Tip: When searching for a specific periodical, make sure to use the Advanced Search option. Also try using the search terms: AND, OR, or NOT to expand or limit your searches as needed. 

EBSCO general database that many of the major universities use. 

Britannica On-line general encyclopedia, magazines, primary sources, video clips

Religion & Philosophy Collection (Ebsco) World religions, major denominations, biblical studies, and philosophy 

Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS) newspapers, magazines, maps, and reference sources

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center  click on Issues in the menu bar and locate your issue with accompanying information.

Salem Health an ebook with a focus on medical issues

Issues and Controversies in American History a great survey of events from 1600s to the present 


Internet Resources official website for congress website for pending legistilative for pending at the 113th congress

Pew Research information on polling  official website for the Census Bureau

Washington Post 

Open Secrets Center for Responsive Politics

Digital Public Library of America A great reseource of information pulled from various libraries from all over the US Sometimes you will need statistics to back up your facts or to really showcase a point 


Citing Sources

Wilsey Library citing sources WEBSITE

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