Public Speaking Project

World History I: Middle Ages



Most of the people listed on your assignment will be in:

 The Dictionary of the Middle Ages (13 volumes)   R 909.07 DIC 

Use the index first to find your person

 Great Lives from History: The Middle Ages, 477-1453    R 920 GRE MID                 

Use the Destiny Catalog to find books for individuals or topics for your assignment


 Research Databases

Salem History (Great Lives from History) worldwide coverage of important people & events

World History in Context Reference, articles from scholarly publications, and primary source material.


Web Searching

Type the name of your person in the google search box, and then type in site: edu

Example:  Eleanor of Aquitane site: edu

You will get only relevant and useful educational websites without wikipedia as a top result.  Try it!


Citing Sources

Wilsey Library citing sources website

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