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Safety Guidelines & Exercise Menu

For the Sport Coach

Safety Guidelines

All team activities, conditioning and workouts must be supervised, even laps on the track.

Avoid high impact, stress-inducing surfaces during your season. Running on cement and even the track should be limited and monitored. Turf is excellent surface for cross training.

Players should wear appropriate footwear for any off court activity. Players should wear running shoes for running.

Vary the routines from session to session. Don’t get stuck on the same exercise variation.

Consult with Coach Cal or a S&C staff member or the training staff to discuss your planned conditioning workouts.

Menu of Suggested Exercises/Routines


Running, Rope jumping and cross training on appropriate surfaces and in appropriate footwear only. Hills, cement and track workouts should be modified in season to avoid high impact stress-related injuries (i.e. shin splints).


Ladder drills, rope jumping, skips, shuffles, speed skaters are all good…follow same guidelines for appropriate surfaces and footwear.

Jump Power

Squat and Lunge variations with and without resistance. These can be integrated with practice (as consequences or between drills) on a daily basis.

Upper Body Power

Push up and Pull up variations. These can be integrated with practice (as consequences or between drills) on a daily basis.


Sit Up variations and all ab/back routines. Vary the workouts from session to session.

Injury Prevention

Shoulder circuit, snow angels, heal walks, toe walks, core/stability work, stretching.

Cross Training

Team Handball : team building, communication skills, cardio and multi-plane movements.

Handball at wall: agility, quickness, multi-plane movements, competitive spirit.


Yoga session: schedule a 30-40 min session with Coach Cal.

Strength, balance, flexibility and focus.


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