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Strength & Conditioning

considerations for the Varsity Head Coach

(based on Vern Gambetta's Article "Strong Performance" ; Coaching Management Fall 2001: copies available upon request)

1. Take a proactive approach--plan at least 9 months ahead of your season, but it's never too late to start.

2. Define your goals and objectives--what do you want from the S&C Program?

3. Understand the overriding Principles of Strength and Conditioning:

a. Develop Sport Specific Strength and Agility

b. Use a Spectrum of Training Modalities.

c. Train Movements, not muscles.

d. Train Core Strength before extremity strength.

e. Train Body Weight before external resistance.

f. Train Strength before endurance.

4. Pay attention to athletes' needs: assess speed, flexibilty, strength and posture, screen for pre-existing injuries and status of rehabilitation.

5. Prepare to assess your program and athletes after the season. Did you meet goals / objectives? How can you make your program better?

Questions to the Head Coach

How much time and energy do you see yourself putting into your S&C program? Who on your staff, if not yourself, will be responsible for supervision of the workouts? (It is recommended that the Head Coach be present)

How much time and energy do you expect your players to put into your S&C program? Will it be year round? Preseason only? Off-season and Preseason?

(Year round training is best for athletes--they stay in routine and continue to cycle through periodized training units: inseason may be once or twice per week)

Will you require your lower levels to implement any aspect of your S&C program? Mid to late season orientation and instruction clinics have proven to work quite successfully for Football.

Finally, what role would you like me to take in your S&C program? Do you need me to be present for all workouts? Orientation and instruction only? Team clinics?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your upcoming off-season plans.

Go 'Cats!

Tony Calvello, CSCS

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