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Coaches' Feedback

Here's what coaches have to say about the Wildcat S&C program...

Coach Calvello and his team are consistently assertive in their approach when it comes to strength and conditioning for all sports. Our volleyball program has greatly benefited from their experience, passion, and unwavering vigor when it comes to building up our young student-athletes. I've had the good fortune of having Coach Cal check in with me regularly about our players -- giving me updates on their progress as well as providing valuable insight as to how to improve the relationship between the volleyball program and the S&C program as a whole. Their regimen not only trains our players to be more explosive, get stronger, and jump higher, but also gives them an extra coat of armor to protect themselves from injury.

-David Huan, Volleyball Coach 

Coach Calvello and his all star strength and conditioning team prepared the Girl's Swim Team for the most successful season in a decade. They do an amazing job with the specificity of their training programs directly related to the sport. It is the perfect blend of hard work, recovery and mental preparedness.This specificity of training not only resulted in fast swim times, but a diminishing of overuse shoulder issues with the athletes. Thanks for keeping the swimmers healthy and giving them the confidence and strength for a competitive advantage.

-John Dahlz, Head Girl's Swim Coach

Tony has really streamlined the program since we started working together with the girls' team back in 1999. We've seen a reduction in injuries and better performance throughout the season. Last year's success (CCS Division III Champs) had a great deal to do with players getting the most out of their skills. The seniors, who had worked in the program for four years, got stronger and stayed healthy. The WCAL is so competitive that the team needed the extra edge that the strength and conditioning program provided.

-Tim Reardan '86, Former Head Boys' Basketball Coach

Coach Calvello has been a tremendous asset to Boy's Crew. Tony's knowledge and familiarity with a wide variety of strength training protocols has enabled us to establish a year round training plan. Tony's measured approach to training young men and their developing bodies has educated both coaches and rowers in our program. Weight training, cross training, stretching, mental focus and tenacity, and safety, while applying and adapting it to the sport of Crew, has benefited the boys/coaches this year and will multiply the benefits as the rowers build on the program.

-Tom O'Connell, Mens' Crew Coach

Coach Calvello and his staff have done an outstanding job getting our athletes ready to compete. Tony takes our athletes from pre to postseason with specific exercises for the individual athlete and our team. Coach Calvello and his program has allowed us the coaches to spent more time coaching, knowing that our athletes are good hands. Tony's program has reduced the number of injuries during the season. Last year's success in winning the WCAL Soccer Championship and a Central Coast Section Championship was a direct result in the Strength and Conditioning Program.

This year in Track & Field Tony continued to be an outstanding influence and resource for our Track & Field Team.

-Rob Hickox, Track and Field Coach and 30 year veteran mens' soccer coach.

Coach Calvello has been a wonderful addition to the swimming program at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. His insight and knowledge of dryland, core work, stability and Yoga have been a vauble resource to the team. This has helped our athletes in the areas of injury prevention, conditioning and strength building. Coach Calvello has made our program much better by adding a quality component in the way we train as a team. The quality of his work is that of many collegiate programs in the country, very detailed and specific to our athletes' goals. We are very fortunate to have someone who is so knowledgable and passionate about the athletes and their needs in our sport.

-Matt Roberto, Head Swimming Coach

Coach Calvello has worked closely with the baseball coaching staff to provide a "baseball specific" workout. The Wildcat strength program is not just about the common cliches of getting bigger and stronger. Calvello's program deals with baseball specific exercises that strengthen the body's core and trains movements that will help each player maximize their potential as a baseball player. The program combines Olympic style weight lifting, core stability work, plyometrics, multi-joint power exercises, and form running. Another key component of Calvello's program is the concept of "Pre-Hab" an advanced form of program design that helps to strengthen areas of the body where injuries are common in baseball such as the lower back and shoulders.

Coach Cal has also been a valuable resource for Saint Ignatius athletes regarding proper nutrition, rest, and rehabilitation of injuries. "Coach Calvello plays a huge role in the development of S.I. baseball players.   In additon to being very knowledgeable he also cares very deeply about our players. Having him as part of our program is invaluable."   In his time at S.I. Calvello has built the foundation of the Saint Ignatius Strength and Conditioning program that has helped to enhance the student-athlete experience at Saint Ignatius.

-Ted Turkington, Former Head Baseball Coach

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