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Parent Feedback

Here's what parents are saying about the Jr. Wildcat Readiness program...


" I would definitely recommend the Jr. Wildcat Readiness Program because when it comes to strengthening and utilizing weights, there’s no other program in San Francisco like it for adolescents and we definitely don’t want our kids playing with weights on their own at home.  The groups are also small enough that the coach to player ratio is optimal to ensure that there’s proper supervision.  The kids also learn the proper technique on how to lift weights and to balance without hurting themselves, which in turn actually improves their skills on the basketball court.  I also like the indirect benefits, such as better posture, which my son definitely needs."

 "I was pleased to see the boys doing agility training and beginning to learn correct and safe behavior in the weight room.  I believe that conditioning (running, pushups, sit-ups, etc.) is something they should be doing at this age. "

"Yes, I would recommend it. It was good that the strength was tailored to the age and size of the participants. The understanding of the concerns of parents on lifting weights at this age was key in terms of acceptance by the parents. I believe it provided the muscle toning for the kids without building muscle mass."


"I'd say the "realness" of it - real weight room, real equipment, real exercises,  and real expectations that the boys should pay attention and work hard.  I know my son felt respected and mature because he was being expected to behave like a bigger kid - and felt that he wanted to meet expectations."

 "Loved the program! It was a great introduction to working out both with and without weights - a life skill in today's world."


"Very good experienced coaching on conditioning and technique, not just trying to grow big muscles"


"We would sign up again."


"I would highly recommend the program, it teaches and enforces the following in both the physical and mental - Strength, Discipline and teamwork."


"Another high point of the program is that it taught them how to use the strengthening/training equipment properly." 


"The COACHES were excellent – very good camaraderie between student and coach"


 "Of course I would sign up again.  When a child knows the workout is hard work and still looks forward to attending, you know something good is coming out of it."

“I would recommend the conditioning enthusiastically, especially for the general acquaintance and familiarity with weight training it affords the kids.”


“My son couldn't do a proper push-up prior to starting this program, and now he is able to do 5 real push-ups.   I would definitely recommend this program because it is important to learn proper form to reduce chances of injuries.  It is never too early to learn the right form.”


“For younger players, I like the emphasis on form, and the use of light weight for strength training and muscle definition.”


 “I would certainly reccommend it ,especially for incoming Freshmen for any of the High Schools, as it gives the kids a taste of what the strength and Conditioning Programs are like when they actually start High school. “


“The Coaches actually monitor the kids so that they don’t get hurt (ie. that they are lifting correctly etc) and also they have very positive feed back to the kids.”


“The results can be seen in his body. He is taller stronger and straighter than he was, with a better vertical. the difference translates across sports. My father noticed the difference in his golf swing and his ability to control the club.”



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