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Coaches' Reflections

What are former campers and now Summer camp and Readiness program coaches saying about their volunteer experiences in the Wildcat S&C program…

Summer Staff 2006

Coaching is so empowering. I have learned to be a strong leader willing to give to others what Strength and Conditioning gave me. Coaching during the summer is especially important for making incoming freshmen feel more comfortable about going to SI. They meet their classmates, and also some older students that really know the ins and outs at SI. They come to us for advice during the school year if need be. It is also so amazing to watch a person's growth from their first perfect squat to making the football team in the fall. It has been a great joy to watch my campers grow blossom within the SI community.

Lena Frostetad '08

Over my high school career I’ve learned the importance of exercise, good eating habits, and the importance of rest. I have lots of important and fun exercises that kids should both learn and start performing on a weekly basis. Looking back I’ve been very fortunate to have learned exercises for both the physical and mental aspects of life. I want to help give back and help the newcomers of SI. Hopefully they will one day have the motivation and drive to reach their goals.

Chris Blake ‘05

I have volunteered at this camp for 3 summers and was a camper my freshman year. I loved getting afeel for the sports program and meeting upperclassmen. It also made me feel a lot more confident going into my freshmen year in regards to try-outs for volleyball. I want to make the kids coming into SI feel confident in themselves, make sure that they enjoy working out and want to push themselves to be better fit physically and mentally.

Laura Wardell ‘07

I think it'd be a fun way to spend service hours being able to help kids that next year will be freshmen. I have also done 3 sports this year as a freshmen in addition to attending the summer camp. I hope to gain teaching skills from this experience. This experience will also improve my knowledge of the traditional SI workout.

Rory O’Connor ‘08

I want to volunteer at this camp because I attended this camp as an incoming freshman and I loved it. I saw how much fun the counselers had teaching us and I would like to do the same. I would like to give back what the camp gave to me. As you know SI requires community service and I think this would be a fun way to get some of my hours done. I expect to gain leadership skills, how to speak in front of a group, how to teach someone what you have been taught,and to learn some new techniques about staying fit.

Sean O’Leary ‘08

I feel that I can help those who are training to play a fall sport. The program helped me during my summer before freshman year and I remember all the help the high school students gave me. I would like to do the same and I feel this would be a fun way to receive service hours. I think that this volunteer experience will teach me responsibility and help me in working with those younger than me. Many campers will not be familiar with the techniques and in teaching them the correct form I will also be re-teaching myself. I feel the camp offers a win-win situation. I will be helping others, but also improving my own skills.

Ryan Falvey ‘08

I did the readiness camp this year during the fall and winter, so I know the safety issues of the weight-room and many outside activities. The after-school program really helped me when it came to trying our for soccer and running track. By volunteering at the camp, I know I will work out every day, which is sometimes an issue with me. I like working with other people as well and helping them in a ny way that I can.

Sheila Connely ‘09

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