St. Ignatius College Preparatory

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Camper Feedback

Before doing The Wildcat Strength and Conditioning Program my Freshman year, I had never been in shape in my life. I had no idea what to expect in terms of athletics, and this program really saved me. I learned how to do almost everything in the weight room, and I strengthened my dedication, determination, and perseverance. I seriously do not think I would have made the crew team Freshman year if I had not come to the Readiness Program every week. Lena Frostetad '08

Training the HS Athlete camp does a good job teaching you about the training that a HS Athlete does on a daily basis.-Brett Bruneman '11

This camp is important because it has prepared me for HS sports and has helped me acquire new skills and friends. I had never done (weight lifting) before, but by the end of 5 weeks I was considerably stronger and knew how to operate the various machines in the weight room. I really enjoyed the obstacle courses because they were challenging, fun and took yor mind off the fact that you were working hard while promoting team unity and skills. -Sophie Raynor '11

Camp teaches you about the psychological aspects of training by teaching you to push yourself. -Andre Mansour '11

This camp does a good job of pushing us to our limits and helping us become the ideal freshman athletes. I achieved a mental toughness that told me to keep going, even when my body said no. -Ryan Inumerable '11

This camp is a great confidence booster. In the first week, I had no idea what I was doing and could barely lift the weights. Now I can lift them with assurance and confidence. What I will benefit most from this camp is the coaches' perspective on athletics here at SI. I learned about what tryouts are like and the various excercises different sports perform here. -David Monticelli '11

The camp really got me into great shape and now I'm confident to play a Fall sport. The coaches were kind and helpful. -Cecelia Vollert '11

This camp does a good job at making sure each and every camper improves athletically, mentally and socially. I really learned confidence: in the weight room and in myself. I improved socially and made many new friends. -Kate Christian '11

I thought this (5 weeks) was the toughest workout in my life, which is a good thing because it completely challenged me to learn a lot about weight lifting and working out. -Joseph Redenius '11

The coaches helped us by sharing advice for balancing school with sports that will be helpful as we enter a new school.-Donny Sullivan '11

I realize I need to keep working to maintain all the progress I have made this Summer, and I plan to keep working at it during my 4 years here at SI. -Everett Watson '11

The best thing about camp was knowing that I'd have all these resources at my fingertips to improve over the 5 weeks. -Andrew Lobre '11

Training for the HS Athlete was important to me because I got a taste of what lies ahead of me in athletics at SI. I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses while having a good time. Whether it be in the weightroom or on the track, I now have confidence in myself. Overall, this camp was a great experience, one I will never forget. -Aileen Falvey '11

The camp made me more powerful and faster. -Ann Parden '11

Camp does a god job at training us incoming freshmen to prepare for high school sports. I really improved my running form, and know I need to work on the push press. My overall best memory was meeting my new clasmates. -Nicole Calvello '11

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