St. Ignatius College Preparatory

San Francisco’s Jesuit School since 1855

Sample Fuel Log

Include time of day, your physical and emotional status, description of food and drink, serving sizes, etc.

Be as specific as possible. Submit to Coach Cal for feedback.

6:30am Sleepy

16 oz Fruit Smoothie (tropical juice, banana, and dole tropical fruit cup)

bowl of cereal (Muselii) with non-fat milk

1 cup non-fat milk

multi vitamin, b-100 supplement, omega oil supplement

7:30-10:30am still waking up... 16 oz water

10:30am Hungry

16oz non-fat chocolate milk

peanut butter/jelly sandwich (3 slices raisin bread)


11:00am-12:30pm 16 oz water

12:30 or 1:30pm Hungry

bagel with cream cheese (lox smear)

12 oz low sodium v-8

6-10 multi-grain crackers

2:30-6pm Hungry, sometimes headache

energy bar (cliff)


16-32oz. of gatorade and/or water

7pm More tired than hungry, but eat anyway

dinner (usually pasta w. meat sauce, chicken or pork) for home meal

(usually pizza, hamburger, Mexican or Fresh Choice when eating out)

large salad with dinner, home or out.

10pm tired, but force myself to get this last fuel in the tank

16-20oz of non fat milk

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