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Enroll, renew or shop online with eScrip this Holiday Season

Enroll, Renew or Shop Online this Holiday Season with eScrip: Sign up here and use SI’s Group ID 5168555.  Please sign up for eScrip Online Mall and download the Forget Me Not browser extension.  This allows you shop and give St. Ignatius credit without logging in to eScrip. If you installed the Forget Me Not browser extension, you don't have to go to the eScrip Online Mall site.  Just go directly to the merchant's site and be sure to click on the blue bar at the top of the page to activate your earning for St. Ignatius.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT AMAZON, DISNEY, HOME DEPOT, MARRIOTT … if you are going to shop at Amazon, Disney, Home Depot, Marriott....these stores require you to go to the eScrip Online Mall or the Forget Me Not browser extension first to get redirected to the site for St. Ignatius to get credit.    But we have a couple easy ways to get there. You have two choices when shopping Amazon, Disney, Home Depot, Marriott....

  1. You can either go to the Forget Me Not icon on your browser, click on it and scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on the links to Amazon, Target, etc...
  2. Or login to the eScrip Online Mall and and go to the Amazon, Home Depot, Marriott, (etc) store pages

Thank you for your continued support of this important fundraising effort benefiting the SI Scholarship Fund! Questions? Email Ignatian Guild Assistant Treasurer Tricia Mason.

After the Holidays …

Support the SI Scholarship Fund by enrolling, renewing or shopping online with eScrip. It's easy and fast.

Sign up here using SI’s Group ID 5168555

You can list up to three beneficiaries, so you can continue to list other organizations you have been supporting. The contributions are divided equally among the beneficiaries.

Click here for the eScrip Online Mall and retailers such as Amazon, Apple Store, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Sephora and many more will contribute up to 16% to our school.

  • Mollie Stone’s shoppers, obtain a Community Card at any store and list SI as a beneficiary. No SI ID# is required at Mollie Stone’s.

  • Target shoppers, register your Target cards at Scroll to “Red Card,” then "Learn about Redcard" and then “Take Charge of Education.” Register your Target cards under our ID #2984.

  • Lucky’s shoppers, obtain a SHARES card from the SI Development Office. Thank you for your continued support of this important fundraising effort!

If you have any questions, please contact Ignatian Guild Assistant Treasuer Tricia Mason.

Support the SI Scholarship Fund through eScrip

Planning a cruise or already have one scheduled?

Turn your vacation into cash for St. Ignatius! It's easy & fast and you'll be giving St. Ignatius up to 5% credit from your travel booking through the eScrip program!

  • Have an existing reservation? Click here for more information or call 1-800-258-2732 and ask for eScrip credit.
  • Making a new reservation? Click here or call 1-800-258-2732 to let Club Cruise help you build your vacation! The "Cruise for Youth Education Program" will apply up to 5% of the cruise price to eScrip credit.


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