Fathers' Club President's Message

Dear Fellow SI Dads,

Our talented and committed Fathers’ Club Board and I are excited to serve you and the SI community for the 2017-18 school year. Our goals for the year are simple: to help the SI community wherever we can with the Ignatian education of our children; to make new and lasting friendships and become better fathers for our children; to inspire volunteerism for all dads during these fast four years at SI; to make deeper connections across our families’ diverse backgrounds; and to support the Ignatian Guild with its many important initiatives.

As an SI graduate whose father and brothers also graduated from SI, I didn’t fully understand what makes SI such a compelling and transformative option for our children until I became a parent myself. SI’s Jesuits, teachers and staff are among the finest in the country and serve our children well in the classroom, in the chapel and throughout their after-school activities; still, it is at home where their education is completed and put into practice. We parents know that. SI, with its 167-year history of improving the lives of San Francisco Bay Area families, also knows that and strongly encourages parent participation in the lives of our children through the Fathers’ Club and Ignatian Guild, SIPAC and AALPA. 

Participation is the key. Sign up, show up and take a role. You will not only experience first-hand the changes that will occur in the lives of your sons or daughters over four of the fastest years you will witness, but also build relationships with other dads who will most certainly be experiencing the many highs and inevitable lows that come with raising teenagers in the modern age. Friendships will form. The good times will be great, and if ever one of us is down, you will also experience the strength of SI’s community and brotherhood. You will learn what it means when you hear: “We are SI.” Equally important, by giving of yourself and your time, you claim the richness that comes from helping others as you model for your family the values found in St. Ignatius’ Prayer of Generosity — the same prayer that your students will learn by heart as they utter the words “…to give and not to count the cost.”

The Fathers’ Club produces many terrific events throughout the year, which starts and ends with BBQs. The many events in between include the Bruce Mahoney football game; our 28th annual Saturday Night Live Scholarship Fund Auction on March 3 benefitting over 300 SI scholar-families; and the Father-Student Dinner in the spring. We are always in need of volunteers to make these events possible. Our motto has always been “many hands make light work," but helping with events is also a great deal of fun. Just ask any dad who has helped out. Whether you can give a lot of time or just a little, I guarantee the experience will be worthwhile, and you will meet some wonderful people.

St. Ignatius educates the mind, body and spirit of our students, but it takes a strong family and community to support the educational foundation for our children. Join the Fathers’ Club, mark your calendars with all of the events planned for this year and come out and join the fun. You will be glad that you did. I look forward to meeting soon.

Dave Churton ’77 

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Courage to Lead; Passion to Serve

2001 37th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 731-7500
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