Summer Curriculum Grant Awards

2017 Summer Grants

Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Katy Dumas, Eric Castro, Danielle Devencenzi, Kate Kodros, Annelise Morris, Yolanda Medina Zevas, and Yosup Joo) – As part of the Social Science Department course catalogue revision process, this team will develop an Ethnic Studies course that challenges students to frame their individual identities, their family histories, and their community histories through the lenses of race, ethnicity, gender performance, nationality, and culture. (Level 10 Award)

U.S. Histories and Cultures & U.S. Histories and Cultures Honors (Owen Maguire and Annelise Morris) – As part of the Social Science Department course catalogue revision process, Annelise and Owen will create new U.S. history courses that shift learning goals beyond the AP College Board Standards to focus on college level research and writing skill development. Each of these courses (as well as optional AP exam preparation) will be offered simultaneously in a heterogeneous classroom environment. (Level 6 Award)

Government Selective Program (Danielle Devencenzi, Annelise Morris, Yolanda Medina Zevas, and Robert Vergara) – As part of the Social Science Department course catalogue revision process, this project team will create five new semester-long government courses, along with their simultaneously offered Honors counterparts: Constitutional Law, Criminal Justice, San Francisco Politics, Social Movements, and The Black Experience. (Level 10 Award)

Social Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Canvas AP Curriculum Creation (Eric Castro and Yosup Joo) – As part of the Social Science Department course catalogue revision process, Yosup and Eric will create these two completely new psychology courses, as well as their Honors versions and an online prep-course for students who wish to take the AP Psychology exam. (Level 7 Award)

Religious Studies 100: Developing the New Full-Year Course (Shannon Vanderpol, Patrick Lynch, Carol Devincenzi, Sara Pendergast, Fran Stiegeler, S.J.) – As part of its 9th and 10th grade curriculum revision process, this Religious Studies team will create a new yearlong freshmen course. Based upon extensive research from among multiple stakeholder groups, this course aims to address five key growth areas that include creating an interactive curriculum, increasing personal relevancy, studying other religions, community building, and service learning(Level 10 Award)

Creating New Spanish Electives (Joe Bommarito and Barbara Talavan) – Barbara and Joe will create two new semester-long Spanish elective courses: Cine Mexicano and Música del CaribeIn Cine Mexicano, students will explore Mexico through the lens of full-length feature films, short films, and documentaries. In Música del Caribe, students will delve into the music and dance of the Caribbean as they listen to, watch, discuss, read and write about, create, and dance to a variety of Caribbean rhythms and beats. (Level 4 Award)

2016 Summer Grants

Development and Implementation of a Robotics Course at SI (Don Gamble & Pedro Cafasso) – During this course students will learn the fundamentals of Java programming and will develop skills in mechanical computer-assisted design (CAD) as they work in teams to build simple and complex robotic devices. The class will also explore the use of robotics in modern business and industry and examine how robotic devices are affecting our lives and shaping our culture. (Level 6 Award)

St. Ignatius Writing & Style Guide (Xan Roberti, Jen Curtin, Donna DeBenedetti, Haley Sanchez, & Christina Wenger) – This group will develop a writing and style guide that aims to compile and merge excellent writing resources and instructional best practices developed both within and beyond SI’s walls. (Level 5 Award)

Intro to Design Thinking and App Development (Jen Gaspar-Santos) – In this course students will learn the fundamental principles of Design Thinking, will learn to program using Xcode/Swift, and will develop an “app” concept that addresses a specific community challenge or problem – located either at home, at school, in their city, or in the larger world. (Level 6 Award)

Finance Course Curriculum (Elizabeth Alexander & Katie O’Reilly) – This finance curriculum will provide students a foundation in finance principles while also preparing them for making real-life financial decisions. In addition, students will study ethical decision making and social justice issues within a finance and business context. (Level 4 Award) 

2015 Summer Grants

College Counseling Curriculum (Brice Campoverdi, Kevin Asbra, Rolando Crisostomo, Julie St. Clair, & Anna Maria Vaccaro) — This grant will assist the college counseling team with creating a detailed, three-year curriculum that achieves the Counseling Department's revised program outcomes and that can be effectively delivered through x-period meetings, optional resource period meetings, and individual sessions. The project team will also create a comprehensive toolkit that will help guide incoming College CounselorsLevel 10 Award

Developing & Producing a Literature Reader for English 200/203H (Paul Bourke, Katie Peterson, Jen Curtin, Kristin Moraine, & Dan Vollert) — This grant will assist this team with developing a comprehensive course reader and textbook for our sophomore English courses, tailored to our curriculum while greatly reducing textbook costs for our families. Level 8 Award

Revision of the Literature Reader for English 100/103H (Elizabeth Purcell & Kristin Moraine) — This grant will support the revision of last year's first edition course reader and textbook used in all of our freshmen English courses. Level 3 Award

2014 Summer Grants

Developing a Computer Science Program at SI: Introduction to Computer Science A and B (Don Gamble, Scott Haluck, with assistance from Adrian O’Keefe & Christine Wilkinson) — This grant was awarded to support the development of two introductory computer science courses that, along with AP Computer Science, will be offered to our students during the 2014-15 academic year. Level 10 Award

Developing & Producing a Literature Reader for English 100/103H (Elizabeth Purcell, Paul Bourke, Kristin Moraine, & Katie Peterson) — This grant was awarded to assist this team with developing a comprehensive course reader and textbook for our freshmen English courses, tailored to our curriculum while greatly reducing textbook costs for our families. Level 10 Award

Revision of the Chemistry Course Reader & Lab Book (Matt Stecher, with assistance from Deirdre McGovern, Kaitlin Shorrock, Christine Wilkinson, Michelle Wynn, & Paul Maychrowitz) – This grant was awarded to support the revision and expansion of these two course texts, developed two summers ago by Matt and Paul. Level 2 Award

The Readable Calculus Project: Screencasts (Kevin Quattrin, Brian Murphy, & Paul Maychrowitz) — This grant was awarded to assist with developing 68-100 screencasts aligned and linked to The Readable Calculus text, developed by Kevin and colleagues. Level 2 Award

2013 Summer Grants

Cura Formation Program Review and Development (Shannon Vanderpol, Yosup Joo, Tricia Kennedy, Danielle Devencenzi, & Sarah Curran) – This group used feedback collected during the program's inaugural year to redesign the entire Cura curriculum. Level 6 Award

“Religious”: The Integrated Student Outcome Creating a Baseline Measurement for Student Experience & Learning (Chad Evans, Carol Devincenzi, Kevin Quattrin, & Yosup Joo) – This team has developed and administered a freshman survey designed to provide data about students' attitudes and knowledge relating to the desired outcomes of our Religious Studies curriculum and to students' growth toward the “Religious” domain of our Grad at Grad. Level 3 Award 

Designing and Implementing an Online AP Music Theory Course (Chad Zullinger & Gillian Clements) – Chad and Gillian have designed and taught this online course offered to both SI students and other students in the region. Level 7 Award 

2012 Summer Grants

Freshmen Formation Program  (Justin Christensen, Brice Campoverdi, Kate Kodros, & Shannon Vanderpol) — This interdisciplinary group designed the “Cura” Freshman Formation Program curriculum, which includes weekly lesson plans with stated learning objectives, learning activities, and lesson materials. The Cura Program aims to facilitate a healthy transition to SI, create community with peers and an adult, help freshmen discover available resources, support Ignatian spirituality, and promote wellness and healthy habits. Level 9 Award 

Chemistry Workbook/Lab Book  (Matt Stecher & Paul Maychrowitz) — This project team created a chemistry workbook that combines text, examples, and problem sets tailored to the needs of our students, in addition to producing a lab book that includes student-centered learning activities, experiments, and demonstrations. Level 7 Award 

Pre-Calc Book (Naj Abrao, Emily Baratta, Brian Murphy, Kevin Quattrin, & Sandy Schwarz) Members of the math department revised the Pre-Calculus text to address various content and surface-level priorities arising from incremental changes over the years, as well as to create a test bank with multiple versions and a revised/ expanded collection of homework solution sets. Level 6 Award 

Readable Calculus Book (Paul Maychrowitz, Kevin Quattrin, & Brian Murphy— This calculus team worked to revise this text to include a teacher version with additional classroom examples; rewritten chapter tests, homework sets, and answer keys; additional questions styled after the AP exams; edits for content and clarity; and re-sequencing of several sections. Level 5 Award 

AP Bio Revision (Christine Wilkinson & Kaitlin Shorrock) — This biology group developed classroom and lab-based activities that support an inquiry-based approach to science instruction and that are aligned with the new AP Biology framework. Level 3 Award

2011 Summer Grants

Screencasting & Flipteaching at SI (Byron Philhour, Joanna Bethencourt, Adrian O’Keefe, Eric Castro, Scott Haluck, Don Gamble, Sheila Perlite, Brian Rhodes, Christine Wilkinson, & Sonia Tye) — This interdisciplinary team collaborated over the summer to discuss strategies, share work products, and learn new techniques as they produced a series of screencast lessons across a variety of academic disciplines. Level 4 Award

Chemistry Honors Workbook (Michelle Wynn, Matt Stecher, & Paul Maychrowitz) — This team developed a chemistry workbook tailored to the learning needs of our students that includes new learning projects, labs, and appropriate web resources. Level 9 Award

"Sports & Spirituality" Course Reader (Anne Stricherz & Chad Evans) — Anne and Chad worked to develop this senior Religious Studies elective and assembled a course reader by selecting appropriate readings, securing copyright permissions, and designing the layout. Level 4 Award

2010 Summer Grants

Using Multimedia to Enhance Engagement & Critical Thinking in the Algebra Classroom (Scott Haluck, Forrest Higgins, Stefanie Kawasaki, John Regalia, Paul Maychrowitz, & Najla Fawal) — Scott and his colleagues produced a collection of media projects and resources that include relevant, engaging learning activities and authentic assessments. Level 5 Award

The Ethics & Justice of the RS 300 Reader, Part II (Anne Stricherz, Chad Evans, & Jason Beyer, S.J.) — After the previous summer’s project to assemble copyrighted articles for the course reader, this RS 300 team completed their work by finding replacement articles and creating a user’s guide that includes Web resources. Level 2 Award

Supplementary Reader for RS 200, The Challenge of Scripture (Shannon Vanderpol, Chad Evans, & Bill Haardt) — This Religious Studies team assembled readings that flow from current events, can engage an adolescent audience, and reinforce essential Biblical themes from the course’s primary text. Level 3 Award

People’s Physics Book Revision & AP Physics Book Development (Byron Philhour, Adrian O’Keefe, & Max Shapiro, ’06) — This group updated and revamped the existing People’s Physics Book used in the junior-level Honors Physics course and created a first edition AP Physics textbook to be used in senior-level AP Physics. Level 5 Award

Lifetime of Fitness: A Journey in Physical Development (Steve Bluford, Jan Mullen, & Rob Hickox) — The PE team developed this spring-semester elective that focuses upon principles of cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and strength, flexibility, and general health. Students review essential fitness- and health-related principles addressed in their prerequisite PE course and that are reinforced in other elective courses such as Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, and Wellness. Level 7 Award

Curriculum Revision of Kairos Talk Outlines (Brian O’Keefe & Peter Devine) — This project clarified the intended themes and outcomes of each Kairos talk resulting in (1) revised outlines for each student and adult talk; (2) a clear overview of how the talks relate to one another, to Ignatian spirituality, and to the daily themes of the retreat; and  (3) a method for preparing student and adult speakers. Level 2 Award


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