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The Board of Trustees

As part of a worldwide effort by the Society of Jesus to put an indelible Jesuit stamp on its secondary schools and, at the same time, to invite lay people to help run these schools, SI changed in 1998 the make-up and role of its two governing bodies — the Board of Trustees (the governance body, which oversees the president) and the Board of Regents (which oversees matters pertaining to the principal and principal's staff).

This change came as a result of the 34th General Congregation — a worldwide gathering of Jesuits — that took place in 1995. At that meeting, the Jesuit delegates, together with Father General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, emphasized the importance of maintaining the Jesuit character of the order’s high schools and increasing cooperation with laity. Fr. John Privett, SJ, the head of the California Province at the time, asked the administrators at SI and the other four schools in California and Arizona to consider these priorities in the make-up of their boards of trustees. Toward that end, SI’s four-man Board of Trustees voted May 12, 1998, to expand to include lay people.

Before the change, Fr. Kolvenbach voiced his support of the new trustees. “I commend you,” he wrote, “for this move towards a greater involvement of lay people in this dimension of our schools.” The formation of a Board of Trustees did not in any way diminish the necessary work of the Board of Regents with its myriad committees on which the school’s operations depend.

In 2016, the Board of Trustess was expanded to include 18 members and incorporated members of the former Board of Regents.

Board of Trustees

Fr. Gregory Bonfiglio, S.J.

Justice Peter J. Siggins ’73

Mr. Joe Allanson ’81

Amanda Alvarado Ford, Esq.

Ms. Maureen Clark

Dr. Antonio Cucalon III ’75

Ms. Sheryl Evans Davis

Dr. Mary Wardell Ghirarduzzi

Mr. Brian Heafey ’86

Ms. Heidi LeBaron Leupp

Niall P. McCarthy, Esq. ’85

Ms. Michele Meany

John T. Mitchell, S.J. ’58

Mr. Timothy P. Pidgeon ’74

Fr. Edward A. Reese, S.J.

Alicia Donahue Silvia, Esq.

Timothy Alan Simon, Esq. ’73

Advancement Staff 

Edward A. Reese,  S.J.

Mr. Joseph A. Vollert
Vice President for Advancement

Ms. Marielle Murphy
Director for Advancement

Mr. Paul J. Totah
Director of Communication 

Mrs. Genny Veach
Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Stewardship 

School Administration

Mr. Patrick Ruff

Mrs. Carole Nickolai
Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Mr. Robert Gavin
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

Mr. Chad Evans
Assistant Principal for Formation

Tasia DavisMr. Bill Gotch
Deans of Students

Mr. John J. Grealish
Director of Admissions

Mr. John Mulkerrins
Director of Athletics

Business Administration

Mr. Ken Stupi
Vice President of Finance and Administration 

Gus Gomozias

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

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