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Yoga for Athletes

Sheila Johnstone '08, leads swim and crew atheltes in a morning session.

Program Outline and Curriculum by Sheila Johnstone

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Swim and Girls' Lacrosse Team prepare for tree pose with Sheila. 

Excerpts from Student-Athlete reflections (Tennis '13,Lacrosse'13 and  Wellness Class 2011-­12) 

  • It was very relaxing and helped me clear my mind
  • Thanks to you I have a new way to breathe and relax!
  • Also, what you taught us was easy to do and remember, so I know I can do some yoga at home.
  • I really liked the meditation yesterday and think we should do it more often!
  • It really helped me envision what improvements I need to make on the court.


Ms. Cynthia Robertson, French AP and Yoga instructor prepares for Sunrise Yoga with students and faculty.

  • I had a really good experience and was able to relax not only my body but also my head and thoughts!
  • I enjoyed the Examen exercise at the end the best!
  • I felt more relaxed and kind of relieved after the session. Especially at the end,when we were lying down with our eyes closed, that was my favorite part!
  • The visualizing helped me a lot because during a match I can get pretty negative if I miss a couple shots so reminding myself to be calm and happy was really helpful.

Students and Faculty hold Tree pose.

  • I was able to relax, which is good because usually it's courts, workout, go home and study... no time to just breath and relax.
  • One thing that I took away from the yoga session was motivation. After the session, I became motivated to work hard and train hard. Thanks so much!
  • Something I got out of the yoga session the other day was a nice stretch. It also made me not focus on schoolwork, which was nice because I was focusing on my breathing the whole time.
  • The one thing I took away from our yoga session was to think about my breathing when exercising. I really enjoyed the session, thank you for doing it!
  • I really liked how it was so really relaxing, and I liked the part at the end when we focused on our breathing.

I think it's a good way to start the morning and it helps me get in the right mindset to focus throughout my day.

  • I really like the yoga opportunity because I am not very flexible and I feel like it helps me get more flexible.
  • I enjoy the balance and strength positions because they allow me to identify my weaknesses and the meditation lets me center my thoughts.
  • I loved it! Gained flexibility.
  • I really enjoyed our yoga sessions. A lot of us don't focus or take stretching seriously during practice. But having Friday morning yoga gives us the needed time to rehab our muscles.

  • I feel relaxed, peaceful and less stressed by the time we leave the gym, it is the best part of my day.
  • Yoga is the highlight of my day, I really look forward to it, thank you.


Harmony: Where breath, posture, mind and body join with nature.  Sanderlings make their appearance courtesy of the GGNRA.

  • I really like going through the same poises because I can learn them well enough to practice on my own.
  • The sun salutation really helps me clear my head and let go of the day's problems for awhile.
     The 2013 Field Hockey Program 

  • Your meditations help me relax and eliminate stress, even if just for a little while in my day.
  • Meditation is my favorite part, it gives me a chance to find balance in my day.
  • I really like the yoga, feel great to stretch and challenge my body.

Coach Cal and Tango  (in our favorite post beach run pose...)

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