St. Ignatius College Preparatory

San Francisco’s Jesuit School since 1855

2011 Recipients


E. J. reflects on his athletic career at St. Ignatius:

I played football and basketball at all three levels during my athletic career at SI. I had a great time playing all of them and will never forget the life lessons that I have learned through St. Ignatius athletics.

My attraction to playing sports at SI came from the way that all of my coaches pushed me, not only on the field or court, but also in the classroom. They motivated me to play as hard as I could every day. I think this is something that someone can only find at SI and it is something that sets St. Ignatius athletics apart from other schools' aathletic programs.

The highlight of my career at SI were the football and basketball Bruce-Mahoney games in my senior year. I've never been a part of more hyped-up and energetic games. Those were hands down the two most exciting games that I have ever played in and I will always remember them. 

As for college, I am going to try and walk-on the basketball team at Cal Poly SLO. I know that I will be playing basketball for many years to come.


Rachel on her years as a Wildcat athlete:

I ran varsity cross country and played varstiy lacrosse all four years at SI. Both teams were very successful, we won CCS multiple times for cross country and went undefeated in Califonia several times during my lacrosse career at SI. 

My competitive nature leans itself very well to sports, whether it is racing side by side with a girl, or competing for a ground ball...I love the excitement. Sports allow me to push myself, and see what my body can do. It's amazing how much more our bodies are capable of doing than our mind would like to make us believe. This is where mental toughness comes into play. Ialso love being on a team. It's a chance to bond with people while doing an activity that I love. This is particularly noticeable in lacrosse, because for the system (or play) to work, everyone has to be doing their part, and it a beautiful thing when it finally clicks.

Although lacrosse is my main sport, it's hard to pick a lacrosse moment that highlighted my entire athletic career. But there is a cross country moment that sticks out in my mind. It was our first cross country invitational of my senior year at Toro Park. I had been undefeated in this race since my freshman year and was going for my fourth and final victory. I ran the first mile side by side with a runner I've often competed with. Starting mile two she started to pull away and gained about a 20-40 meter lead on me. I reached the start of the set of three hills, and saw the girl within reach. I slowly gained on her, working hard on the uphill. On the third hill I passed her, and worked the long down hill. I was filled with excitement, and not wanting to get re-passed, I pushed myself not to slow down. I won the race, going undefeated on the course, with a personal-best time. This was an important moment in my athletic carer because it highlighted the importance of mental toughness and always believing in yourself.

Next year, I will be entering Stanford as a freshman, and plan to play on the lacrosse team.

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