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  • Rethinking Africa: The staff of the African Advocacy Network includes Joe Sciarrillo, pictured here with Jean Elias Xavier, Director Aboudou Traore, Charles Jackson and Clementine Ntshaykolo outside their office in the Dolores Street Community Services building. They help a growing number of African immigrants to the Bay Area who may number as many as 50,000.
  • Retiring Pillars: SI’s faculty surprised Fr. Sauer in May with applause and flowers after the announcement of his reassignment.
  • The SI boys’ lacrosse team enjoyed what may have been best year since its founding nearly a quarter century ago. The lacrosse press ranked the team among the top 15 in the nation as SI turned in another undefeated season in league play – its fourth undefeated season since it joined the WCAL in 2010.
  • Richard Driscoll ’06, a performance engineer for Oracle Team USA that will defend the America’s Cup in September, is among the few locals hunkering down in Pier 80 off Marin Street, where they work 65-hour weeks to make sure that Ellison’s boat sails twice as fast as the wind and maneuvers with precision and power as it takes on challengers from around the world.
  • Retiring Pillars: Since the 1970s, Mary McCarty made sure Latin was a living language for students in her classes.
  • Rethinking Africa: Ira Shaughnessy ’00 spent two years in Ghana from 2007 to 2009 working with the Bormase helping with the cultivation of the Moringa tree, whose leaves are rich in vitamins.

Diverse Voices


Seniors Reveal Their Secrets

Sam Bernstein '14
Associate Editor

In an effort to emulate Access Hollywood and People Magazine, I tracked down

several of my compatriots who didn’t mind revealing their most embarrassing moments at SI, the mistakes they won’t repeat as seniors (we hope).

Like any class in recent memory, we’ve had our fair share of bathroom mishaps. “My freshman year I walked into the guys’ bathroom on the third floor,” Chelsea Clark recalls. “It took me a second to realize that yes, those were urinals, and no, this was not the right bathroom.”

Similarly, Henry Buckingham ’14 re- members “being fatigued after a long day, turning the corner on the second floor, and walking straight into the girls’ bathroom. Some chick said ‘Ew’ and I immediately made a U-turn.”

But take heed: Picking the correct bathroom doesn’t solve everything. Not one to elaborate, John Corbolotti ’14 added, “Put it this way: always zip your pants – AL- WAYS.”

Public humiliation also seems to have been rampant during our first three years at SI. In retrospect, I’m sure Megan Grealish wishes she controlled her impulses a bit more when “full-on dancing, listening to [her] iPod, and searching for ice in the trainer’s room. Mid-twirl, [she] realized that [she] had an audience: Half the boy’s lacrosse team was laughing at [her].”

From the trainers room to the third floor, we seniors have made a mockery of ourselves at times.

Joe O’Bryan explains, “In sophomore year, my backpack hooked to the stairwell railing, resulting in me taking a tumble down the stairs. I tried to walk it off, but it just wasn’t happening.”

Of course, what would a list of public bloopers be without a classic pants rip – or three? Alissa La Rocca apparently “ripped three pairs of pants in one week and had to be taken to the deans’ each time.” Mr. Gotch reported that Alissa set an all-time record, one that’s hopefully never surpassed.

Last, but not least, I’m presenting the first, annual “most embarrassment-prone senior award” to our Sergeant-at-Arms, Carly Priest. Reminiscing on her underclass years, she laughed and told me that “as a freshman, [she] fell down the stairs and fractured [her] ankle.” (Joe O’Bryan, if you want my sympathy fall harder next time.) Think that’s bad? “After a late practice, I entered the empty school building and discovered that I had locked my phone, wallet, backpack, keys, and combination inside my sports locker,” recalls Carly. “I couldn’t find any- body, but, through the locker, could hear my mom calling. Four hours later, I ran into a security guard who cut the lock open. The best part is that I had to show the lock to Mr. Mulkerrins the next day and attempt to explain what happened.”

So, underclassmen, next time you’re lost in the halls, loosen up. Even we seniors spent a fair amount of our first few years providing amusement for others.

Posted by on Tuesday October, 8, 2013


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