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George T Pannos (1953)

I played basketball during the Rene Herrerias and Phil Woolpert days..and the JV coach, Father Devlin.. Father Devlin took an interest in me and when I went back east to college he kept in touch with my Mom and Dad over that time to find out how I was doing etc..When I graduated and went to Prep School in Pennsylvania..he kept in touch with my Mom and Dad to see how I was doing for a period of 5 years or so...

 Lo and behold in 1955 I was at Hartwick College, a sophomore...and one Sunday morning I get an early am call at the Fraternity House..and am nursing a helluva hangover from the night before Fraternity Party... The voice on the phone said: "George this is Father Devlin!!"..I said "What?..Is this some kind of joke or what?"..Sure enough it was Ray.. He was there in Oneonta, NY on a Jesuit retreat..

So we met at the local church where he was staying.  We spent a few hours talking, and his concern was that I keep my religious principles and "be careful" of the "decadent life within Fraternities.."..

I never for "Rocket Ray" as we used to call him...and his passing brings a tear to my eye and hope he and my Dad and Mom spend some time together in heaven... Rest in Peace, Good Man.

Thought I'd pass this memory of a great priest..and one that will always be in my heart and memories of a great school and an even greater era which Father Ray was part of..

George Pannos

Posted by George T Pannos on Thursday January 12, 2012 at 04:04PM

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