This page exists to assist AP Government students with the C-SPAN StudentCam project.

1) Start by choosing a topic.

SIRS is a particularly effective place to begin. Scroll through the issues until you find a couple that interest you. Read the basics of the issues and decide on one. Then, read the multiple perspectives about that issue so you can narrow your topic further, strengthen your opinion, and be able to counter those who disagree. All sources on SIRS are easy to cite; just click the Cite button and copy the citation.

2) Perform more research.

Though you will have found some good sources on SIRS, you'll need to dig deeper. I suggest the following:

C-SPAN: You will need to visit this site to find the video clips you are required to use. You will need to cite all information you use from here.

Explora by EBSCO: Use this database to find university-level research to support your claims. It is a great resource to find the specific data you need. You will need to use Advanced Search and choose limiters for date range and type of content. Come by the library and ask Ms. Wenger for assistance if you need guidance on this. Citing is easy on this database; just click on the button on the right that looks like a yellow notepaper, scroll down to MLA, and copy the citation.

The New York Times: As long as you are on campus using Wildcat WiFi, you have free access to all parts of The New York Times. You can do general searches on the site for information to use, or you can use the Times Topics pages where content on frequently addressed topics is categorized and easy to access. You will need to cite all information you use from here.

3) Use the guidelines from your teacher and the StudentCam site to put your project together.

4) Double-check your citations.

Though some the databases listed above offer citation help, C-SPAN and The New York Times do not. And, sometimes the databases make errors in their citations. So, you will want to use MLA's style guidelines to help you cite. The OWL Purdue citation guide can help if the MLA's guidelines aren't detailed enough for you.

5) Edit and polish your work.

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