In order to best complete online research for this project, you may want to use Student Resources in Context as a research tool. (Remember, if you're off campus, you'll need to click the link in the gray pop-up box to get the passwords.)

Remember to sign in with your Google account in order to save information you find in your Google Drive folder.

Use Advanced Search for best results. Here are some search combinations to help you.

First, place your assigned culture in your first search box with Keyword selected. Your options: Assyria, Persia, "Ancient China," and "Ancient Egypt." (The quotation marks are important because they'll force the search to look for that exact phrase.)

Second, here are words that you can plug in to the second search box with Keyword selected. This is an incomplete list of suggestions; you'll likely be able to come up with more.

For culture and daily life: art, craft, theater, cuisine, food, religion, theology, agriculture, farming, sport, entertainment, architecture

For both power and decline: military, economy, trade, war, weapons, education, corruption, wealth, law, empire, transportation, class 

For items the culture wishes others couldn't see: scandal, conflict, controversy, illegal, "royal family," shame, coup, overthrow, dynasty

Your searches should look like this (assigned culture in top search box and second search term in next box down—I recommend only using two boxes for these particular searches).

Click Search and see what you get. You may not come up with any results with that particular combination. If that is the case, choose a different word to place in the second search box. Play around with your searches, saving articles that you think will be helpful, until you come up with enough information to help you make decisions about what "garbage" you'd find in the culture's trashcan.

Remember, you'll need to cite your sources for the project. Click on the "Citation Tool" button on sources you choose to use to get a citation you can copy and paste directly into your Works Cited. Do not cite sources you didn't use.

As always, if you have questions about this or any other research project, please come and see me (Ms. Wenger) in the library.

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