Here are collected links to helpful information about most of the pieces of art or artists for this project. I suggest you continue your search on one of our databases. Student Resources in Context and EBSCOhost will likely be your most helpful databases. If you struggle to find information by searching by the art piece's title, try searching by its author or location.

Medieval Art

Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets, Cimabue

Lamentation, Giotto

The Last Summer, Ugolino da Siena (Ugolino di Nerio)

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes in Basilica of S. Apollinare Nuovo

Madonna and Child on a Curved Throne, National Gallery of Art

Adoration of the Magi, Santa Maria, Tahull, Spain

The Last Judgment, Cavallini

Notre Dame, Paris

Abraham and Three Angels

The Revelation to St. John: Enthroned Christ with Signs of the Evangelists and the Twenty-four Elders, Saint-Sever, France

Madonna Enthroned, Giotto

The Ascension of Christ and the Mission of the Apostles, La Madeleine


Renaissance Art

The Birth of Venus, Botticelli 

Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter, Perugino 

The Last Supper, Da Vinci

The Marriage of the Virgin, Raphael

The School of Athens, Raphael

The Last Judgment, Michelangelo

Duomo, Florence

Sublime Beauty, Raphael

Mona Lisa, Da Vinci

St. James on the way to his execution, Mantegna

The David, Michelangelo


Modern Art

Lucifer, Jackson Pollock

Orange, Red, Yellow, Rothko

Dos Cabezas, Basquiat

The Persistence of Memory, Dali

NightHawks, Hopper

The Two Fridas, Kahlo

I and the Village, Chagall

La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi

Fountain, Duchamp

The Weeping Woman, Picasso

Big Eyes, Keane

Trash People Installation, Schult



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