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Virgil Cristobal ’93

Father Harry V. Carlin, S.J., Heritage Society member

My SI Story

Ultimately, my SI education was a big equalizer that helped me grow into the person I am today.

I was fortunate that my parents sacrificed so much to send my sister, Marites ’94, and me to SI. While we were not the beneficiaries of aid, we did have classmates who were, and we were enriched by knowing them.

That’s why my sister and I chose to be part of the Father Carlin Heritage Society and mention SI in our estate plans — to help others have the experience we had and to go to a school that promotes Catholic and Jesuit values of service and ministry.

I hope future students have teachers as wonderful as the ones who taught me. Dave Lorentz, a great storyteller, taught faith through the example of how he lived his life. Steve McFeely ’87 coached me in volleyball before leaving to write the screenplays for the Captain America and Chronicles of Narnia movies. He showed me how to compete with integrity and compassion, qualities I find valuable in the business world.

These teachers inspired me to give back to the school and to organize the first alumni reunion of the Asian Students Coalition. I was inspired by the gatherings of grads from the Black Students Union and the Association of Latin American Students, men and women who returned to SI to celebrate and recall what makes this place so special.

And what makes it special? SI reflects the demographics and diversity of the entire Bay Area and inspires grads to serve their community. Both of these are important to my sister and me and why we felt SI was our home.

It’s why SI is a home for all.

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