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Dr. Ted W. Love

SI Trustee & CEO of Global Blood Therapeutics

My SI Story

Diversity is a powerful tool allowing us to see the full 360.

It brings us in community with people from different backgrounds, with varying perspectives and experiences. That exposure allows us to see more than just the view from the few windows we have to the world. As a former SI dad and now as a trustee for the school, I encourage people to donate to the school so that we can preserve and grow
our diversity.

Even though SI has a great history as the “Stanford of high schools,” I’m now working to make sure that we don’t become complacent. We can’t become victims of our own success. We always need to be hungry and not rest on our laurels. To do that, we need to build new facilities and pay teachers enough to live in the Bay Area. Both are expensive undertakings.

We also need to make sure that we don’t become a barbell school, with a thin middle class that doesn’t receive tuition assistance and that can’t afford to send their sons and daughters here. We need to help them too.

That commitment to generosity helped me graduate from Haverford College despite growing up in a family of limited means. My parents couldn’t afford to make any meaningful contribution to my education. Through loans and scholarships, I had a great education and was able, in turn, to help Haverford students over the years, just like I’m helping SI today.

Why should you give to SI? Because you believe in education as the best way to shape our future, and training the best minds to compete is the best way to ensure that future.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Courage to Lead; Passion to Serve

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