Compass Campaign: Scholarship Endowment

Sherman Chan ’85

Former SI Regent, Senior VP at CBRE

My SI Story

Why donate to SI? Because it’s personal to me. The school helped me mature and grow and gave me the confidence and freedom to succeed.

SI did that by reflecting the reality outside the school walls. If the school had no socio-economic or ethnic diversity, it would be irrelevant, sheltering students instead of showing them the real world. This gives us the freedom and skills to be people of influence.

I received a scholarship sponsored by the Class of 1924. I had a sense that one day I would be called upon to give back in a way that I could.

Six years ago, I was asked to serve on the Board of Regents. I thought it would involve attending a few meetings, but it has been so rewarding to serve on the governance and education policy committees and to co-chair the diversity committee.

I learned that the difference between the cost of education and the cost of maintaining the facilities and running the business is almost $7,000 per child. We keep tuition low because we want SI to be affordable to all, especially the middle class. If we lose them, we lose being down-to-earth. It’s these two-income families that work hard to afford to send their children to SI. They are the role models we want for our kids — as are families who, despite being hard-working, need tuition assistance. They are all models of steadfast love and resilience.

What SI ultimately gives students is a gateway to freedom and opportunity — two factors that led my parents to leave China for the U.S. My brother, sister and I were the first in our family to go to college. SI prepared us well because of the freedom that comes from a well-rounded education. I was able to go to a school where I could find myself and grow as a person.

That’s what SI needs to do for even more people, to make a difference in the child, in the community and in the world.

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