Compass Campaign: Scholarship Endowment

John Jack

Former SI Regent, partner at Andreessen Horowitz LLC & former CEO and president of Fortify Software

My SI Story

SI has a real challenge to be a school for all, especially because San Francisco is no longer a city for all.

It was different when I went to SI. Some of my friends came from wealthy homes and others, who came from working class families, were not so wealthy. Just like mine. Those classmates, by the way, are some of the best friends I have, even now, more than 40 years out of high school. Back then, no one cared that I had no money.

At one point, my family couldn’t afford to pay tuition. After Fr. Sauer approached SI’s president, I told the Jesuits about my situation, and they covered our tuition until my brother and I graduated. That gave me a sense of financial relief and the feeling that I belonged.

But I always felt that scholarship was a promissory note. That’s why my brother and my wife and I made a decision a long time ago to donate to SI. In addition to endowing a scholarship, I’ve been fortunate to serve the school as a regent for six years and to continue supporting the school’s Arrupe Fund.

I have one daughter who is an SI grad and another who is a current student. They already see SI as a place of opportunity that moves you along in life to become a whole person.

Early in my career, I had the opportunity to be successful, giving me the opportunity to give back. I’ve always been proud that I did. It has been a big part of my life. If you’re considering giving a gift, please do so.

You’ll feel the same joy I feel, right now, looking back and looking forward.

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