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Jenny Go

Former SI Regent, former Secretary of Education for the East Asian Jesuit Conference and the recipient of SI’s President’s Award, the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Award and the Luceat Lux Award from Xavier School in the Philippines

My SI Story

SI is more than a place to learn. SI is a place that teaches you how to be with others and how to form loving communities.

It’s a place where the administrators and teachers model that for students and a place where students can influence each other. That happens best when communities are diverse and not made up only of people who can afford a Jesuit education.

Why is a Jesuit education important? My husband, Ernest and I feel great gratitude to the Jesuits for the education we received at Fordham. All three of our children went to Jesuit colleges, and all of our grandchildren went to SI.

We all came away with a sense of the magis — to do everything for the greater honor and glory of God, to choose the greater good and always to strive to do better.

This is at the heart of Ignatian culture, one that goes back to 1534 when Ignatius of Loyola and his followers took their vows, and to 1548, when the first Jesuit school opened in Messina in Sicily. Over the centuries, the Jesuits have thought about how a person should be educated and what a person should be upon graduation — someone for and with others.

We have to live for others — not only for those around us, but also for the marginalized all over the world. SI’s many alumni are examples of this sort of service. They have immersed themselves in the school’s culture, one that taught them to be excellent people, not just excellent scholars. That happens through spiritual formation, where they learn to be compassionate, kind and merciful.

All of this has led me to donate to SI, to support the special way the school educates people.

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