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Anthony Ballesteros '15

Graduate of SI’s Magis Program & Student at UC Santa Cruz

My SI Story

SI is all about the magis—the more, and I would have been more or less lost at SI without the Magis Program.

The magis — choosing the greater good — pushes me to be my best and gives me purpose. It teaches me the value of service and to be passionate about compassion. That’s why I try to serve others in all I do, from working with immigrants and people with AIDS to teaching music and tutoring in SI’s Magis Program.

I remember the first time I came to SI after I began Magis in sixth grade. I learned to love this place when I saw high school students enjoying their chemistry class. Most middle school kids never have a chance to see the next school they will attend let alone high school kids in class. I also learned how to look at everything through the lens of Ignatian ideals. That’s when I learned what magis means. It’s a way of living that pushes you to do more and to be more than what you think you can be.

Having this personal experience made me want to go to SI, and coming here made me want to go into government. That’s what I will study at UC Santa Cruz. I want to work in politics to give back to marginalized communities, just as SI and the Magis Program taught me to do.

We received tuition assistance shortly after my mother lost her job in the recession. When she fell ill, my father, a building manager, supported us on his single income. No child wants to know about family expenses, but when SI helped us in my sophomore year, I felt relieved. And I felt great gratitude toward those who donated to the Scholarship Fund. They made my education possible and gave me the opportunity to perform with our Jazz Band. That’s why I bring my love of music into the community, where I play for senior citizens and teach grade schoolers. It’s my way of paying things forward. It’s simply indescribable, teaching something I love and sharing that beauty with others.

And that’s what the magis — the more — is all about. That’s why I want to be a role model for younger kids. That’s why I love SI.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Courage to Lead; Passion to Serve

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