The SI Compass Scholarship Campaign

Mission / Vision

Our history, tradition and mission compel us to offer qualified and deserving students an Ignatian education regardless of their financial ability to pay. A healthy Scholarship Endowment Fund empowers SI to gather students from the economic fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area and create new paths of opportunity.

Historical Trends

Endowment fund started in 1981 after the school paid off its debt. Over the past 10 years, tuition has increased 52% while financial assistance has increased 156%. More than 800 students have benefitted from over $24 million in financial assistance.

Current Status

For 2015–2016, 22% of the student body will receive $3.6 million in financial assistance. Tuition is $20,100; the average student’s financial assistance is $11,300.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

Through SI’s Genesis II, IV and V Campaigns, donors built a $50 million Scholarship Endowment Fund. $2.8 million comes from the Scholarship Endowment Fund while SI needs $800,000 from annual donations to make up the difference.

The Need

To add $50 million to the SI Scholarship Endowment Fund by 2020 to provide the projected need of $5 million in financial aid. Starting July 1, 2016, a perpetually endowed scholarship will be $200,000.

More About SI's Endowment

SI’s Scholarship Program was built with the assumption that 20% of the student body would require an average grant of roughly 35% of tuition.

For decades that held true. In 2006-2007, 280 students received average grants of $4,870 totaling $1.36 million.

Since then, while the percentage of students on financial assistance has remained relatively steady in the low 20% range, the pure number of students on financial assistance has increased as we have grown the student body size.

More importantly, the average financial aid grant has shot up from 35% to 55% of tuition, reflecting the national trend of a shrinking middle class and putting extraordinary pressure on our ability to provide the necessary financial aid.

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