St. Ignatius College Preparatory San Francisco's Jesuit school since 1855


  • Reconciliation services every semester
  • Daily Mass - 7:45 am in Jensen Chapel
  • Friday Morning Liturgy - 8:20 am every Friday morning in Orradre Chapel
  • School Wide Liturgies - mandatory liturgies inclusive of all religious backgrounds
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit - a tradition going back to the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily in 1548
  • Communion Breakfasts - special occasions for students and parents to enjoy a mass and breakfast together

Mass of the Holy Spirit at  Holy Name of Jesus Church (celebrated the Friday after Labor Day)

Most Catholic schools, and especially Jesuit high schools and universities, celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of every school year. It is a tradition almost as old as the Society of Jesus itself, going back to the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily in 1548.

In the Preface for the Mass of the Holy Spirit, we pray in thanksgiving to God who gives us “gifts of grace for every time and season” as God “guides the Church in the marvelous ways of [God’s] providence.” God’s gifts of grace, which St. Paul refers to as the fruits of the Spirit in the Letter to the Galatians, are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. As we begin the school year, we pray that the Holy Spirit continue to fill our hearts with the fire of God’s love.