St. Ignatius

Jesuit Resources

Resources for the Community of Concern

Following are a few resources you might use to continue to explore the role of Ignatian spirituality and the tradition of Jesuit education within your family.


Sacred Space, the prayer book 2008, Ave Maria Press

A daily prayer book for each year based on the popular website from the Irish Jesuits. Includes Scripture, reflections, questions, process for prayer each day.

Sleeping with Bread, Holding What Gives You Life, by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn and Matthew Linn, Paulist Press

This book is an introduction to the Examen. However, it goes further into the reason for doing the Examen – discernment – and explains some of the potential results of regularly engaging in this prayer practice. It also provides some suggestions for praying the Examen with a family/community and how doing so can lead to group discernment.

Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People, by Dorothy C. Bass, Josssey-Bass, pub.

This book draws from the Christian spiritual tradition and gives examples of ways people can bring faith to their daily lives. It is an accessible and practical book that can be used by individuals or by families.

Praying With Ignatius of Loyola, by Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and Marie Schwan, St. Mary’s Press

Reflections on themes from Ignatian Spirituality, includes quotes from Scripture and Ignatius, prayers, questions.