St. Ignatius

2020-21 CYO Bus Registration


  • Full Year Round Trip: $2,800
  • Full Year One-Way Trip: $1,600
  • One Semester ONLY Round Trip: $1,500
  • One Semester ONLY One-way Trip: $900
    (Spring Semester Registration will be available in December)
One-Time Use:
  • $10 / one-way trip for P.M. ONLY. (limited availability)
    A limited number of single-ride afternoon tickets may be purchased in the business office for $10.00 (from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.) The legal limit on CYO busses is 56 passengers; the regular semester riders have priority over single ticket riders. Semester riders must be on the afternoon bus by 3:10 pm. Single-ticket riders will board from 3:10-3:15 pm.

Bus Schedules for 2019-20
All riders and parents must agree to the CYO Bus Rules