St. Ignatius


At SI, we teach the value of service to self, service to society and service to God – in short, the Great Commandment. We teach students to value and to love selfless service, as this allows them to be fully alive, fully human. We serve with our words, with our hands, with our heart and with our creative thoughts. This just doesn't happen in one program or club but through most of our academic, co-curricular and spiritual programs. Swim teams will spend their days doing beach clean-ups. Clubs will knit scarves for homeless men and women. Classes will raise money or collect food for families in need. Students pray for their classmates and for people in dire need. This is how our students become loving, generous people. And this is why they keep coming back to SI for alumni gatherings and reunions – because they know that SI is a community rooted in loving service.

They also serve through the Office of  Community Service & Social Justice, which supports students who walk with those in need. As a vital aspect of our Ignatian character, we invite our SI students to engage in service with and for others, both as a part of their academic requirements and as a part of their everyday lives. We encourage participation and commitment to social justice using the teachings of Fr. Pedro Arrupe , SJ and his influenntial 1973 speech, "Men for Others: Education for Social Justice and Action Today."

The Community Service Center works to strengthen the service-learning character of our graduation requirement, intentionally developing both curricular and co-curricular experiences that enhance student learning within the community. As a Jesuit school, we have the mission to support our graduates to be “men and woman with and for others.” Through social justice and service engagement, SI students practice what  it means to live out this ideal within the real world. 

Viewed through the lens of a "continuum of service," the Center aims to engage our students in a variety of ways, helping to facilitate their active involvement in service, faith development and personal leadership. Our activities and programs are flexible-in the sense that they provide different entry points to our students such that their own personalities and unique styles can shine through their volunteer activities. This website represents what we offer to students at SI, both organized directly through the Service Center as well as through various clubs, groups and teachers here on campus. 

Learn more about the Office of Community Service & Social Justice here.