St. Ignatius

Green Team Sustainability

The environment is very important to our school. Here at SI, we are proud to show our commitment to protecting the planet. We have many passionate students who are a part of Green Team, our school’s eco club, that have shared their stories below

 We have successfully eliminated plastic bottles and food wrap from our cafeteria, switched from paper to online report cards and schedules, and are stirring up ideas. 

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Sustainability Resources

Educational Documentaries to watch:

  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (on Netflix) ~ “It shocked me to see how much water it takes to raise a cow” -Kylie Slevin ‘21
  • The Game Changers (on Netflix) ~ “I had no idea how much a plant based diet impacted athletic ability” - Dory Miller ‘22
  • Just Eat It (on Youtube) ~ “It really opened my eyes to see how big a problem food waste is” - Natalie Tam ‘21
  • Our Planet (Netflix) ~ “Absolutely amazing to see how nature changes and how humans impact the Earth” - Tom Murphy

Hear Our Stories

Dory Miller

Hi! My name is Dory Miller, and I’m a junior here at SI. I have always found myself  happiest in nature, and for that reason, I want to do everything in my ability to combat the dangers of climate change that our planet faces. I have followed a vegetarian and vegan diet since the eighth grade, so I make it a priority to promote the importance of how a plant-based diet can make a huge difference on our carbon footprints. As a member of Green Team for the past year, I love the opportunity to educate others on how to make a more sustainable community, both locally and globally. This summer, I was a member of the Youth Advisory Council for the Bay Area Youth Climate as a part of the social media team. With an amazing group of other high school students, I helped plan and promote a nationwide Climate Summit discussing climate activism through sustainability, policy change, entrepreneurship, scientific research, and more. I hope this page can help others create a more sustainable lifestyle. We are all in this fight for climate justice together!

Nerissa Liu

Hi I’m Nerissa, a sophomore at SI. Climate change is slowly and painfully killing the organisms globally. Wallows of oil and pieces of plastic throw ecosystems out of balance. Do my words burn the depths of your lungs? Environmental issues affect all of us no matter what part of the world we live in or what we believe or do not. People in “utopian” cities can pretend the elephant in the room does not exist. Some think they are going extinct anyway. We cannot let them weigh us down. We cannot drown with them. That is why I plan on dedicating my life to use fiction and poetry to write about the environmental crises which affect all living beings. In order to take the first steps of my trek, I feel my way around in the ambiguous black oil of language and educate myself on the uniqueness and interconnectedness of environmental problems.

Natalie Tam

Hi! I’m Natalie Tam and I love this wonderful planet! I just want to create a clean and sustainable environment so future generations can enjoy the things I love about nature too. I hope to one day make positive changes in government and educate others on how to live a green life. Some of the steps I have taken to help the earth: I am a vegetarian, my family composts, I try to bike places, and I limit my use of plastic. I love to bike, hike, swim, and garden! I am committed to protecting this amazing planet that is the only home we have.


Kylie Slevin

My name is Kylie Slevin and I’m a senior at SI. One of the main reasons our species fails to face the reality of climate change is because we have disconnected ourselves from the natural world. We continue to damage the natural balance and at this rate will soon kill off ourselves along with every other species. Life is so much more beautiful when intertwined with nature and the way to achieve real sustainable progress is to admire the beauty of nature and recognize it in ourselves. I love the planet because of the impressive balance it contains, every being proposers from one another. It pains me to know I am part of a species that disrupts that balance so I work to identify my natural connection and change the harmful way we live.