St. Ignatius

SI Podcast Club

The SI Podcast Club is for anyone with an interest in podcasting, from confirmed audiofiles to occasional podcast listeners. Its purpose is to provide a platform to better understand ourselves and our community through conversation.

Students discuss qualities of great podcasts through the lens of their favorite shows, learn about the nuts & bolts (interviewing, music/sound, editing, promotion) of podcast production, and record and produce podcasts.

Do you have guest and/or question suggestions for Wildcast? We'd love to hear them! Use the QR code or click here to send us your suggestions.

Interested in joining the club? It's not too late.  Contact Ms. Brancoli in the library or via email:


When does the club meet and how often?

Every Tuesday & Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 in the Library Office.

What do we do?

The club collaboratively produces several 5-15 minute podcast each semester. There are opportunities to schedule, plan and record interviews, as well as edit and publish episodes.

What is the podcast format?

Wildcast is a podcast produced by the Podcast Club at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, CA. Club members come up with the questions and ideas to explore and choose the guests.

The questions may be serious, funny, sports-related, school-related, but always spark compelling is the limit. Guests may be students, teachers, admin, security, coaches...anyone from the SI community.

The format may vary depending on the school year and club members.

Will I have to do any talking on the podcast?

No. There are plenty of ways to contribute to producing the podcast that don't include having your voice recorded.  In fact, most of the talking will be done by the guests.

What if I want my voice included in the podcast?

Students write and record the intro & closing to each episode (but not everyone has to this). Club members may also be guests, if they would like.

Do I need special tech skills?

No.  We keep the editing to a minimum.  If you have experience with audio production, great!  If not, no problem--you will pick up some new skills!