St. Ignatius

Mountain Biking Club

The Mountain Biking Club at St. Ignatius exists to foster student passion for the sport of mountain biking. Members are invited and encouraged to join in on group rides, get involved in local bike related events, and ride their bikes as much as possible! Go Ride! Go 'Cats!

Moderator: Tony Calvello


Group Rides

These group rides are informal "meet ups" with an "assumed risk" for all riders. No school transportation or equipment will be used. Rider skill level is "self selected", however all riders should talk to me ahead of time so we can get a sense of your experience and skill level.
Bike and all riding gear should be in good shape to insure safety and fun for all on the ride.

Group rides will be a new and hopefully on-going occurrence in the future.

Local Trail rides include:


  • Montara Mountain, Pacifica; I ride here every Sunday morning if anyone is interested in some gnar! intermediate to advanced
  • Skeggs (El Corte de Madera, off old Hwy 35 between Half Moon Bay and Woodside; sweet single track in Redwood forest) beg-int.
  • Waterdog (Belmont; super techy, narrow single track trail system nestled in a canyon off of Ralston Drive); mostly intermediate.

The City

  • Mt. Sutro (see SFUR for more info about this gem!)


  • Mt. Tam, Mill Valley; Tenderfoot and some other un-speakable trails for the intermediate to advanced riders.
  • China Camp, San Rafael; mostly legal trails... for beginners to advanced riders.
  • Tamarancho, Fairfax; great single track for all levels.
  • Solstice, Sleepy Hollow; hate the climb, but the ride is a dream! Legality is debateable...ask James Hatfield...

For more infomation about these and other local trails, visit the MTBR trail review site or google/search YouTube.


Mountain Biking defined
(from Wikipedia)

Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. Mountain biking can generally be broken down into multiple categories: cross country, trail riding, all mountain, downhill, freeride, street riding,dirt jumping and trials. The vast majority of mountain biking falls into the recreational XC and Trail Riding categories.

There are aspects of mountain biking that are more similar to trail running than regular bicycling. Because riders are often far from civilization, there is a strong ethic of self-reliance in the sport. Riders learn to repair their broken bikes or flat tires to avoid being stranded miles from help. This reliance on survival skills accounts for the group dynamics of the sport.



Mountain Bike History

Montara Mountain, Pacifica

The following vid is comprised of some footage of Boyscout trails/jumps and The Mile. Enjoy!

Pacifica Freeride Collective from Matthew Beytien on Vimeo.

This vid has some Boyscout and Mile, but the bulk of it is a helmet cam of Cave. Hold on tight!

Pacifica Styles from Matthew Beytien on Vimeo.

The Crack helmet cam. Introducing Hoss the trail dog.

911...'nuff said.

Collective collection

...just for the heck of it.