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Clubs & Activities

Presently there are over 100 clubs, representing various interests here at SI. Students meet at recess and after school to work on the school newspaper, help encourage ecological sustainability, organize rallies or prepare radio broadcasts and much more. We encourage you, too, to be involved in student government to hone your leadership skills. All freshmen are required to engage in at least one extracurricular activity, and many develop lifelong interests and skills thanks to their start in clubs at SI.

All clubs at SI belong to one of the following categories:

  • Academic Clubs: Clubs that pertain to certain academic interests here on campus.
  • Affiliate Clubs: Clubs that are affiliated with a nationally recognized organization.
  • Affinity Groups: Groups that promote awareness and respect for diversity at St. Ignatius. Click for more information about Affinity Groups.
  • Community Engagement Clubs: (fka: Social Justice) Clubs pertaining to promoting social justice. 
  • Publications: Clubs that deal with any form of publication within the SI community.
  • Service Clubs: Clubs that serve our school community by assisting with certain events and/or providing a service to our school community.
  • Social Clubs: Clubs that promote the recreational interests of the student body. 


New Club Forms 

No more new club applications will be accepted for this school year. We will be accepting new applications in the fall of 2023.

Read the SI Club Handbook and make sure you understand all the requirements.

See Ms. Finn if you have any questions.

Club Financial Request Forms

Financial request forms available now. Requests are viewed once a month. Please see Ms. Finn or Mr. Glosser if it is an urgent request.

Financial Request Form

Funding can not be used to buy ingredients for bake sales, shirts for members, or any other personal reason.

See Ms. Finn if you have any questions.

Club List