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New Calendar Note

As of July 1, 2021, SI has transitioned to a new calendaring platform which we hope will provide increased event accuracy and a better user experience overall. Any old links to Google calendars should be retired and/or replaced. Please let us know if you have questions or comments about this new platform at

Subscribing to a calendar feed means seeing that information right alongside your regular calendars in Google. But the best part is that your subscription calendars are updated automatically so you're sure to have the latest information. Once subscribed, you can choose to view or hide the new calendars as well as specify day, week or month, just like your regular calendars.

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Calendars Available

Admissions CalendarCopy Link

Alumni CalendarCopy Link

AP Exams CalendarCopy Link

Athletics CalendarCopy Link

Bell Schedule CalendarCopy Link

Campus Ministry CalendarCopy Link

Counseling CalendarCopy Link

FSA CalendarCopy Link

Important School Dates CalendarCopy Link

Magis CalendarCopy Link

Parent Events CalendarCopy Link

Performing Arts CalendarCopy Link

Student Activities CalendarCopy Link

How to Subscribe to Calendars

  • Click the ‘Copy Link’ button
  • Go to your Google Calendar, and click the plus sign on “Other Calendars”, then “Add by URL”
  • Paste the URL into the box, and choose if you want to make it publicly accessible.
  • Click “Add Calendar” button.
  • Calendar will then show under Other calendars but will need to be named
  • Hover over the calendar name, click the three vertical dots, and choose ‘Settings’
  • The ‘Name’ field is at the top; enter the new name here.
  • To remove the calendar, scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to ‘Remove Calendar’
  • Click ‘Unsubscribe’

*Please see the important note below regarding syncing subscribed calendar data

Apple Mail
  • Click the ‘Copy Link’ button
  • Go to “New Calendar Subscription…” option under the File menu. 
  • Paste the link in to the box and click ‘Subscribe’
  • Enter a name; this is how it will be shown in Apple Calendar.
  • Select other options as needed and click ‘OK’
  • To remove, right-click the calendar name in the sidebar and choose ‘Unsubscribe’If you have your calendar syncing with your iCloud account, subscriptions set up on your Mac should also sync to your iPhone.

*Please see the important note below regarding syncing subscribed calendar data

  • Click the ‘Copy Link’ button
  • To insert a web-calendar in Outlook, you need to right click “Other Calendars”, then choose “From Internet…”
  • Paste the URL of your calendar and click OK
  • It will then contact the web server and bring in the calendar and ask if you want to subscribe; Choose “Yes”
  • You will now see it under the Calendar list on the left. You can right click and choose “rename” to give it any name you like. You can check/un-check at any time to show/hide the calendar.
  • To delete the calendar, just right click and “Delete Calendar”

*Please see the important note below regarding syncing subscribed calendar data

*Important Note on Syncing Calendar Data
The frequency with which subscribed calendar data is synced or updated is determined by the calendar app in use, i.e. Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook. The frequency can also vary widely, depending on the app and a variety of other conditions, and can be as long as 24 hours or more. Please understand that neither SI nor its calendar service has any control over this frequency and suggest viewing our web calendar if in doubt about an event.