St. Ignatius

Wildcat Forward 2022-2023 Honor Roll

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Class Participation Graph

Class Participation Rate

David Aaronson and Leslie Yuan
Scott Abbott and Chi-Ying Chang
Arnel Abello and Clarence Bamba
Reginald and Maria Cristina Acosta
René Acosta and Rose Zimmerman
Kevin and Radhi Ahern
Luis and Ingrid Alfaro
Sebastian and Malena Alioto
Brian Altman and Kara Montermoso
Jaime and Leah Alvarez
Gloria Anacleto
Sigurd and Kelly Anderson
Lillian and Chris Angelopoulos
Anish and Priya Anto
Arun Antonio and Rupa Kalidoss
America Grajeda and Reynaldo Aquino
Vincent and Sandra Archuleta
Marijoy and Randolf Arguelles
Franco and Michelle Arieta
Paul and Donna Armstrong
Marc and Francie Bala
Andrew Ballantyne and Jan Scott
Benjamin and Karen Balleza
Jerome Barakos and Jill Spangenberg
Efren and Heather Baria
Michael and Nicole Barker
Paul and Sandra Barnes
Joselyn Barrera
Jeff and Kerry Barrett
Kim and Tom Barsi
Robyn Bartell-Calara
Mario and Teresa Basile
Brian and Elvie Bast
Michael and Clarissa Bautista
Len and Marla Beatie
Louis Bedard
Pierre and Denise Bee
Sarina Behera
Jeffrey and Amy Belkora
Jonathan and Alice Berry
Blaise and Shujan Bertrand
Paul and Andrea Bishop
Rachel Blanco and Steven Jivapongse
Joaquin and Annie Blas
Nicholas and Eva Bogaty
Ashley and Ronald Bond
Douglas and Abigail Bourgon
Jeremy Brady and Therese Jacinto
Jonathan and Roxanne Brady
Eryc and Elizabeth Branham
Mark and Molly Bridges
Michael Briones and Marie Leou-Briones
Elizabeth and John Broderick
James and Cathleen Brown
Michael and Julia Brown
Alex and Lora Buchler
Shquane Burdette
Daniel Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu
Cheryl Cornelius and Brian Burnett
Nigel Burns and Cheryl Cruver
Timothy Burns and Laura Watts
Anatoly Bushler and Anna Gorodetsky
Graham Button and Kerry Dolan
James and Jennifer Callahan
Peter and Christina Callahan
Andrea Callen-Porter
Alan Camarillo and Sharon Cagnayo
Liza and Joseph Cannata
Roman and Beatriz Cansino
John and Anne Carlevaris
Craig and Mimi Carter
Mark and Marina Casey
Frank Cassidy and Kelly Canady
Michon Caton
Mary and Jason Cecchini
Kin and Hong Chan
Dori and Sherman Chan
Steven Chan and Lorna Rose
James Chapman and Megan Carlson
Kevin and Laura Chavaree
Peter Chen and Angela Shen
Yuntian Chen and Yun Weng
Jonathan and Tyler Child
Lawrence and Marisa Chiu
Mariolina Chong
Marcellus and Katherine Chow
Steven and Becky Chung
Joseph and Christine Cline
Alexander Cobb and Melissa Norris
Nadjya Ghausi and Peter Coe
Andrew Cohen and Syvia Magid
Barbara Sennino and Christophe Colas
Anna Marie Dunne and Ronan Concannon
Jeanne and John Connolly
Andrea Conroy
Sean and Rachelle Considine
Bradford Cook and Linda Campbell
William Cooper and Kathleen Sakelaris
Nathaniel and Jessica Cornell
Doug and Holly Couden
Karen Covington
James and Sarah Cox
Jason and Jeannine Cranston
Sean and Solana Crawford
Sean and Patricia Cumiskey
Traci Czyzyk
Chris and Geraldine D'Agostino
Shawn and Monica Dahlem
Frank and Elena Dal Santo
Jayson and Jennifer Dallas
Paul and Ashley Dalzell
Jacob and Maha Danfoura
Josh and Kelly Danson
Simone and Bartley Davey
Thatcher and Shannon Davis
Michael and Kathlene De Benedetti
Lawrence De Souza and Berlina Ceguerra
Dennis and Ayra Dee
Christopher and Andrea Dehner
Manuel and Stephanie Dekermenjian
Alfredo and Cynthia Del Rio
Christopher and Melissa Del Santo
Edgar Dela Pena and Vilma Carino
Jacqueline Dela Rosa and Michael Cadiz
Artie and Missy DelNegro
Gurpreet Dhaliwal and Ritu Patel
Mardi Dier
Jeffrey and Hilary Dito
Reuben and Francesca Dobbs
Janine and Karl Doerner
Sharath and Anjani Dorbala
John and Lori Doyle
Norman and Chatrpimol Dudum
Anne Marie and William Duffy
Nigel and Christie Duffy
Sean and Sheri Duffy
Angie Dumagsa
Franklin Dunn and Michelle Jondreau
Alyssa and Mark Duri
Alexander Eby and Gail Gettler
Paul and Karen Eggert
Robert and Heidi Ennis
Scott Esters and Michelle Jew
James and Cristy Estillore
Serge Etcheverry
John and Mary Eugster
Christer and Åsa Fahlgren
Jim and Sue Fambrini
Dean and Yvette Fantham
Benjamin and Abigayle Ferdon
Lukasz Filinski and Aussy Manuhu
Matthew and Stephanie Fillbrandt
Brian and Nicola Finnerty
Bruce and Kim Fiscus
Jason Flashberg and Gina Perri
Michael and Lydia Flocchini
Daniel and Priscilla Flores
Matthew and Lindsay Folk
Albert Fong and Denise Hong
Ray and Helen Fong
Scott and Jianmin Fong
Jeannie Fontanilla and Robert Gines
Marshall and Saraleah Fordyce
Benjamin Forsyth and Caren Cubas-Forsyth
Andrew and Michelle Foster
Roberto and Daniela Franco
Todd and Deb Frederick
Tatiana Freedland
Dave and Adele Frias
Thomas and Erin Furtney
Rein Gabrielsen and Marley Quirante
Mark Gadduang and Erleen Fernandez
Martin and Maria Gaehwiler
Des Gallagher and Michelle Brady
Gerard and Orla Gallagher
George and Elizabeth Gamarra
Curtis and Christine Gardner
Michelle Garred
James and Elizabeth Gassel
Milo and Lisa Gates
Ronald and Maria Lourdes Gawat
Carlos and Davina Gazulla
Kenneth and Victoria Gee
Bernard and Elizabeth Gehlhar
Jason Geller and Lisa Borah-Geller
Alan and Shin George
Jennifer George and Gregory Rodrigues
Frank and Robyn Ghali
Bishakh and Sandrine Ghosh
Jim and Maile Giaquinto
Candler Gibson and Marni Tuel
David and Shannon Gilbert
John and Samantha Gill
Jolie Gines
Tyson Godfrey and Hilary Hubbard
Joseph and Sharon Goethals
Len and Nancy Goldberg
Heidi and Gus Gomozias
Jeannie Gonzalez-Alegata and Alex Alegata
Cristos and Liz Goodrow
Beth Gray
Eric and Stefanie Grosse
Mark and Tina Gullotta
George and Lisa Gumpert
Michelle and Thomas Haan
Leo and Tiffany Haginicols
Joseph and Kristen Haller
Brendan and Maira Hallinan
Chris and Rebecca Hammett
Bao Hang and Dora Leung
Richard and Zhanna Hanna
Donald and Audra Hansen
Thomas and Nicole Harlan
David Hay and Heather McCuskey
Clark He and Katherine Chan
Brian and Jennifer Heafey
Joseph and Marina Hegstrom
Joseph and Kathleen Helmer
John Hemann and Anne-Christine Massullo
Suzanne Heske
Declan Hickey and Mollie Poe
Colin Higgins and Cate Hanrahan
Shane and Yolanda Hiller
Howard Hines and Maria Tan
The Hirschler Family
Benjamin Holl and Mahasty Lebastchi
Sean and Kerry Honey
Jason and Leigh Hornik
Victor and Cynthia Hoy
Walter Hsueh and Hsiao Lin Hu
Vinh and Minerva Hua
Wayne Huang and Kwai Fan Kwok
Justin and Michelle Hughes
Sean and Catherine Hughes
Venetia Hui Gatus
Deanna and Robert Hulsmann
Marshall and Becka Hydorn
Luis and Stephanie Ibarra-Rivera
Roger and Debbie Idiart
Marion Ingersoll
Robert Innes and Jennifer Ziepniewski
Angela and Jeff Isola
Tom and Julie Ivers
Dawn and Joseph Jaber
Robert Jackson and Fara Perez
Theresa and Trent Jackson
Bonnie Jacobson-Lee
Hormoz and Anthi Janssens
Hilary Jimenea and Gilda Galdo-Jimenea
Aaron Johnson and Deborah Mccrimmon
Aaron Johnson and Lainie Motamedi
Brian and Whitney Jones
Steve and Sarah Jones
Joseph and Kumiko Jovero
Eric and Trisha Jue
Thomas and Terri Kahle
Joseph Kaniewski and Christine Sellai
Charles and Clarissa Kao
Walter and Sarah Karanian
Bryan and Jennifer Keane
Brian and Susan Keene
Patrick and Maria Isabel Kelly
Christy Keoshian and Steve Rappaport
Fady and Susie Khoury
Anthony and Sara Kiehn
Sean Killion and Regan Stuart-Killion
Arman and Anush Kirakosian
Young and Sara Ko
Aleksei Koika and Olena Yevtushenko
Sean Komarmy and Sylvia Flores-Komarmy
Karel and Suzanne Konvicka
Igor Kosoy and Aleksandrina Eppel
Rick and Lisa Kough
Christina Pham and Johannes Kratz
Andrew and Amy Kronk
Kyle and Lara Krpata
Fred and Ha Kwan
Dominic Lai and Agnes Yiu
Bryan Lamb and Bridget Ford
Sean and Renee Lamb
Jim and Melissa Landers
Scott and Camille Landis
Carolyn Lau-Ng and William Ng
Alex Lau and Daisy Sundstrom
Bernadette and Todd Lee
Scott and Tracey Lee
Carol Leininger
Stephanie Leiva
Cristhians Leon and Marisol Durand
Jeffrey Leopold and Cyrece Puccio
Philip and Kimberly Leung
Sam and Carole Leung
Chris and Susan Leupold
Michelle Levine
Dean and Catherine Levitt
Brenda and Gordon Lewis
Melissa and Mark Lewis
Damon and Brenda Li
Danny Liang and Elizabeth Tang-Liang
David Liang and Fiona Chen
Rudy and Mary Ann Liboon-Yadao
Alex and Judy Lim
Zhuobin Lin and Cynthia Yuanping Li
Diane Linehan
Benchun Liu and Zhongmei Li
Lester Liu and Jane Kang
Xu Liu and Jun Wang
Ying Bing Liu and Lin Yang
Michelle and John Liwanag
Wayne Lok and Tracy Lee
Nolan Louie and Helen Hong
Chad and Jeannie Low
Stephen and Gabrielle Lucey
Patricia Hunter and Timothy Lucey
Elizabeth and William Lucey
Stephanie Mcginn Luedorf and Holger Luedorf
Matthew and Julie Lugar
Warren and Robyn Luhning
Jack and Mary Lum
Mike Lum and Crystall Ho
Robert Lunbeck
Philip and Heather Luongo
Brian and Nathalie Lynch
Steven Ma and Jenny Chu
Kevin Maddock
Greg and Connie Maddox
Bruce and Marti Maes
John and Jennifer Mahoney
David and Gilda Major
Philip and Colleen Malouf
Paul and Mare Manangan
Daniel and Melanie Manning
Tom and Meredith Mannion
Berge and Marina Marangosian
Frank Marino and Lili Sugandi
Michael and Diane Marsh
Gerald and Jocelynn Martin
William and Tricia Mason
Matthew and Jennifer Matagrano
Stefan and Amy Mayo
John and Lisa Mazza
Davin and Susan McAndrews
Andy and Breigh McCall
Dan and Laura McDonough
James and Maureen McFadden
James and Sandra McGrath
Brendan and Karen McIntyre
Michael and Jo McKay
Michael McKeeman and Laura Donahue
Mike and Kathleen McKeon
Susan and Thomas McKeon
Kurtis McKinzey and Tamala Thornton-McKinzey
Morgan and Lucy McLintic
Ian and Tracy McMahan
Frank Melis and Crystal Wong
Amy Messinger
Willie and Crystal Mickles
John and Tricia Mifsud
Jeb and Jennifer Miller
Matthew and Tanya Miller
Russell Miller and Natalya Babayeva Miller
William Mills and Karen Makely
Anthony and Francine Mitchell
Michael and Julie Modesti
Catherine and Aaron Molinari
Frank Mong and Sandra Lee
James and Patricia Mongillo
William and Francesca Moore
Jonathan Morales and Gina Fabor
Joe Morello and Patricia Breslin
Scott and Wendy Morgan
Richard Mortillaro and Patricia Downey
Joseph and Aline Moulia
Chris Moustakas and Wendy Gamble
Alex and Suzi Mui
Michael and Colleen Mulkerrins
Robert and Paige Mullin
Timothy and Maryellen Mullins
Carlos Murillo and Marifin Besona
Francis and Marie Murphy
Gerald and Beatrice Murphy
Martin and Marie Murphy
Sean and Courtney Murphy
Matthew and Nicole Murray
Michael and Kealy Murray
Mike Muzzy and Claudine Delagnes-Muzzy
Steve Myers and Heidi Sabelhaus
Gene Nakashita and Kelly Tang - Nakashita
Edwin and Herlina Ng
Tim and Sharon Ng
Alison Nguyen
Joshua Niclas and Adrienne Fratini
Edward and Valerie Nicolson
Amar and Malini Nijagal
Thomas and Monika Nolan
Kevin O'Brien and Sonja Moelleken
Kevin O'Brien and Stephanie Harden-O'Brien
Robert and Stephanie O'Brien
Jarlath and Diem O'Carroll
James O'Connell and Norma Lynch-O'Connell
Angela O'Connor
Noel and julia O'Keeffe
Colman and Tessa O'Leary
Shawn and Shannon O'Neill
Michael O'Shaughnessy and Sinead Foley
Jon Oberto and Andrea Flint Oberto
Everett and Soraya Oliven
Prince and Gina Onyebuchi
Cesar and Laurie Orosco
Fabiola Ortega-Canchola
Steven Ossher and Jana Arbanas Ossher
Bruce and Jessica Ovbiagele
David Owen and Tina Chao
Lee Ozaeta and Jennifer Reodica
Joe and Caroline Pacula
Dennis and Lindsay Page
Laurie Pan
Andrew and Jane Paolucci
David Papandrew and Pamela Chan
Christopher and Laraleis Paras
Victor and Jennifer Parker
Mathew and Alicia Pashby
Dipak and Kalpana Patel
Josie Patricio
Robert and Michelle Patterson
Michael and Noeleen Pattison
Sastry Penumarthy and Mala Pattanayek
Julia Peo
Patrick and Sharon Perez
Paul and Lia Perez
Shane Perotti
Erica Perry Cooper
Erik and Michelle Peterson
Anthony and Angelica Phillips
Joseph Phillips and Alexa Reyes
Fabio and Katherine Piersanti
Thomas Pigoski and Leslie Errington
Daniel Plotinsky and Amy Singer
Joanne Poile
Peter and Mindy Poland
Vladislav and Svetlana Polonsky
Jennifer Popple
Jon and Linda Porter
Robert and Karen Powell
Craig Powers
Rogelio and Nancy Prado
Matthew Prescott
Corey and Kristin Priesman
Jonathan Pyo and Julia Je
Patrick and Patricia Qua
William Quach and Charlene Chen
Michael Quackenbush
Bill and Michelle Quan
Greg and Rachel Quilici
Darcy and Patrick Quinn
John Quintos and Nicole Magalit
Scott and Shannon Raber
Maurice and Ankica Radalj
Luciana Ragoni
Jeffrey and Maria Ralph
Daniel and Kimeko Rangel
Cristián and Megan Rathgeb
Thomas and Rachel Reed
Laura Resnansky Jacob
Zeb and Kate Ripple
William and Andrea Robb
Thomas and Kari Rocca
James and Jolene Rocchio
Daniel and Vera Rodkewich
William and Elizabeth Rodoni
Pedro Rodriguez and Delmy Garcia-Avalos
Aaron Rosenthal and Bonnie Jacobsen
Michael and Rossana Rossetto
Matt and Aimee Rozen
Edwin and Mhaysie Ruiz
Hussein Safa and Lourdes Cordero
Mazen Salfiti
Jari and Katariina Salomaa
Omar Sanabria and Trinidad Rivers
Alfred and Leah Sanchez
David and Jocelyn Sandler
Mark and Angelica Savant
Dan Schaaf and Terry Marks
Steve Schirle and Marnie Nordquist
Peter and Joanie Schlampp
David and Lyndi Schmidt
Damien and Carla Schot
Justine Sears
Michael and Beatrix Seidenberg
Steve Sell and Molly Williams
Cristiano Sequeira and Carolyn Cannon-Sequeira
Sam and Sara Shank
Josh and Lisa Shaskan
Robert and Ann Shaw
Timothy and Wendi Sheehan
Tien Shen and Senta Anderson
Patrick and Gina Short
Shaum Sinawi and Michelle Donnelly
Wesley Sito and Anita Or
Peter and Karen Siwinski
Paul Sloan and Linda Simonin
Farrell Smith
James and Lori Smolinski
Jeff and Sally Snipes
Jeffrey Snodgrass and Joanna Mroz
Christopher and Crystal Sokolov
Christina Solomon
John Somoza and Sharmila Rajan
Adam Sopko and Libby Marsh
Bryan and Pamela Spaulding
Scott and Renee Spertzel
Clark and Michele Spink
Mathew and Cheri Spolin
Peter and Polly St. Geme
Christopher and Amy Stecher
Lane and Elizabeth Stephens
Tyson and Megan Stevenson
Michael and Anna Strain
Kwok Sue and Ellen Tsang
Edmond and Naomi Sullivan
John and Caroline Sullivan
Ray Sum and Lily Hui
Louis and Susan Summe
James and Anne Marie Sweeney
Chris and Kathy Swindle
Joseph and Amy Tapia
Bradford Taylor and Catherine Doyle
Amir Tehrani and Lisa Schiller Tehrani
Andrei Terebilo and Nina Bubnova
Nika Claes Terjesen and Kevin Terjesen
Derek and Amy Thompson
Frank and Annie Timons
Sam Tin
Douglas Tipton and Libby Brockhoff
Alfred and Mia Torres
Elizabeth Toups and Anne Martin
Alex Tovarian and Regina Jacobson
Owen and Amy Tran
John and Gina Tribolet
David Tse and Annie Chan
Darcy and Brian Tsung
Karin and Gordon Tucker
Gene and Charmian Tunney
Anatoly and Xiomara Turok
Jeremy and Julie Veit
Stephen Velyvis and Tanya Gulesserian
Soyeba Ahmed and Steven Verhaverbeke
Lawrence and Jocelyn Villegas
Daniel and Michelle Vollert
Michael and Katy Wall
Peter Walsh and Sheelagh Flanagan
Shaun and Dana Walter
Gregory and Lisa Wan
Christopher and Trang Warden
Shawn and Kristina Whalen
Jeff Whipps and Susan Greenleaf
Ryan and Robyn White
Scott and Nancy Whitney
Chris and Nichole Wiley
Reagan Williams and Jenna Nicoletti Williams
Dawn Wineinger
Christian and Andrea Winther
Wiyanto and Anna Wondany
George and Beverly Wong
Herman Wong and Helen Lee
Justin Wong and Angela Cheung
Timothy and Karen Woo
Joseph Wraga and Elizabeth Steininger Wraga
Ben Wright and Karen Lee
Fatima Helga and Jeremy Wright
Allen and Mechele Wu
Stephen and Jessica Wynne
Bob Yakominich and Lori Micheli
Samuel Yen and Eve Farrington-Yen
Xavier and Liz Zang
Nery Zapet and Adelaida Bamac
Blaise and Erin Zerega
Craig Zevas and Yolanda Carmen Medina Zevas
Catherine Zinn
Richard and Michelle Zuromski
Guy Zuzovsky and Amy Cohen
Anonymous (9)

* Updated on 1/24/23. If you have any questions about the honor roll, please contact