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Parent Honor Roll

Thank you to all of the families who are already joining us in Wildcat Forward this school year! If you are not yet participating this year, please consider making a gift.

*Donors as of May 30, 2024.




David Aaronson and Leslie Yuan 
Scott Abbott and Chi Chang 
Arnel Abello and Clarence Bamba 
Hari Abhyankar and Deepali Abhyankar 
Jesus Aceves and Estela Garcia-Murillo 
Michael Acosta and Yingming Gu 
René Acosta '84 and Rose Zimmerman 
Meg Adelman and Zach Adelman 
Anuj Agarwal and Jennifer Walters 
Sylvia Aguirre and Victor Hugo Juarez 
Kevin Ahern and Radhi Ahern 
Matt Aldrich and Kristina Sullivan 
Tony Alejandre 
Luis Alfaro and Ingrid Alfaro 
Joseph Alioto and Erica (Galos) Alioto 
Sebastian Alioto '73 and Malena Alioto 
Brad Allred and Nancy Allred 
Carlos Altamirano and Shu Altamirano 
Brian Altman and Kara Montermoso 
Ricardo Alva '88 and Jessica Alva 
Dinorah Alvarez and Marco Bianchi 
Jaime Alvarez '90 and Leah Alvarez 
Michael Alves and Kelly Alves 
Gloria Anacleto 
Sig Anderson and Kelly Anderson 
Brad Angeja '88 and Alea Angeja 
Arun Antonio and Rupa Kalidoss 
Reynaldo Aquino and America Grajeda 
Greg Arcenio '93 and Jennifer Eng '93 
Ara Archouniani and Jacqualine Archouniani 
Vincent Archuleta and Sandra Archuleta 
Jeffrey Arcilla and Jessica Arcillla 
Randolf Arguelles '86 and Marijoy Arguelles 
Franco Arieta '97 and Michelle Arieta 
Paul Armstrong and Donna Armstrong 
Scott Armstrong and Tara Abrahamovich 
Anabel Arreola-Trigonis and Nick Trigonis 
Jim Ash and Darlene Ash 
Yonathan Asmerom and Feven Haile 
Robert Austin and Paige Austin 
Charlene Avila and Brent Avila 
Sebastian Ayerdi and Marissa Ayerdi 
Dianne Kristiane Ayos 
Joshua Bagley and Darlene Bagley 
Marc Bala and Francie Bala 
Karl Baldauf 
Andrew Ballantyne and Jan Scott 
Massimo Ballerini and Lisa Palmer Ballerini 
Roque Ballesteros and Sonia Ballesteros 
Benjamin Balleza '91 and Karen Balleza 
Abe Barakat 
Yana Barance and Labib Barance 
Anirban Bardalaye and Lalitha Bardalaye 
Efren Baria and Heather Baria 
Michael Barker and Nicole Barker 
Harbert Barki and Anna Koswara 
Gerry Barredo and Novin Rashedi Barredo 
Jeff Barrett and Kerry Barrett 
Tom Barsi and Kim Barsi 
Joseph Barsoian and Lina Barsoian 
Robyn Bartell-Calara 
Ted Bartlett and Donna Hoghooghi 
Sam Baruh and Christina Baruh 
Ray Bassi and Ann Bassi 
Brian Bast and Elvie Bast 
Derek Becker and Chrissy Becker 
Armen Bedroussian '94 and Tamar Kodbachian 
Pierre Bee and Denise Bee 
Sarina Behera 
Brian Bell and Tita Bell 
Patrick Bell and Veronica Bell 
Steven Benerofe and Carole Miyahara 
Matthew Bennett and Nancy Hall-Bennett 
Susan Benton 
Amy Berger and Brian Berger 
Anne Berger 
Jonathan Berry and Alice Berry 
Blaise Bertrand and Shujan Bertrand 
Andre Bessette and Amy Bessette 
Bob Bianco '82 and Brooke Bianco 
Scott Bilter and Tracey Bilter 
Mark Birdthistle and Carla Birdthistle 
Bryan Birmingham and Julia Birmingham 
Paul Bisaillon and Cynthia Baroumand 
Paul Bishop and Andrea Bishop 
Bryan Blake '89 and Patty Coggan 
Rachel (Jivapongse) Blanco and Steven Jivapongse 
Kin Blas and Annie Blas 
Georgiy Blazer and Karla Blazer 
Bob Blee and Patricia Blee 
David Bloch and Tanya Bloch 
Nicholas Bogaty and Eva Bogaty 
Ron Bond and Ashley Bond 
Stacy Bonney and Henry Bonney 
Steve Borzoni '87 and Judy (Han) Borzoni 
Dylan Boudraa and Leah Boudraa 
Doug Bourgon and Abby Bourgon 
Mike Boyden and Lynda Boyden 
Michael Brandon and Marissa Brandon 
Eryc Branham and Liz Branham 
Márciano Bravo and Claudia Guimaraes 
Pavel Bresker and Oxana Bresker 
Joseph Brichler and Lori Brichler 
Molly Bridges and Mark Bridges 
Katie Brightbill and Brian Brightbill 
Michael Briones and Marie Leou-Briones 
Simon Bromwell and Rei Bromwell 
Charlotte Brook and Peter Brook 
James Brooks and Dina Brooks 
Caroline Brown Guiral and John Guiral 
Michael Brown and Julia Brown 
Randy Brugioni and Bryn Brugioni 
Erik Bruneman and Patrice Bruneman 
Nicolas Bruno 
Jeffrey Bryant and Diana Pinto 
Wil Bucoy and Chelsea Bucoy 
Hans Buehlmann and Alex Buehlmann 
Matthew Bugna and Jenny Bugna 
Celso Bulgatti and Carol Bulgatti 
Dan Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu 
Brian Burnett and Cheryl Cornelius 
Anatoly Bushler and Anna Gorodetsky 
Jay Celle Cabrera-Bueno and George Bueno 
Luis Cáceres and Kimberly Cáceres 
Shelley Cahan and Jay Cahan 
Susan Calderon and Ernesto Llamado 
Peter Callahan and Christina Callahan 
Jenny (Jenkins) Callen 
Andrea Callen-Porter '93 
Alan Camarillo and Sharon Cagnayo 
Gloria Campos and Erubel Campos 
Joseph Cannata '92 and Liza Cannata 
John Carlevaris '87 and Anne Carlevaris 
Billy Carlile '02 
Michael Carmignani and Leslie Carmignani 
Craig Carter and Mimi Carter 
Alan Casserly and Libby Cartwright 
Frank Cassidy and Kelly Canady 
Mary Beth Cecchini '94 and JT Cecchini 
Michael Cerchiai '78 and Jennifer Cerchiai 
Eveley Cha 
Steven Chan '89 and Lorna Rose 
Jim Chapman and Megan Carlson 
Jose Chavez and Jen Chavez 
Justin Chen and Catherine Chen 
Peter Chen and Angela Shen 
Jonathan Child and Tyler Child 
Elizabeth Chipana 
Lawrence Chiu and Marisa Chiu 
Marcellus Chow and Katherine Chow 
Steven Chung and Becky Chung 
Victor Chung and Shieny Chung 
William Chung and Joana Li 
Lavenia Church and Steve Church 
Jak Churton '82 and Lisa Churton 
Adam Ciresi and Jennifer Ciresi 
Joe Cline '89 and Christine Cline 
Alex Cobb '88 and Melissa Norris 
Pete Coe and Nadjya Ghausi 
Andrew Cohen and Syvia Magid 
Marcus Colabianchi and Sandi Colabianchi 
Marcia Colant and Christopher Colant 
Christophe Colas and Barbara Sennino 
David Cole and Danielle Cole 
Matt Coleman and Monica Coleman 
William Colon and Christine Colon 
Kevin Conboy and Sandie Yu 
Ronan Concannon and Anna Marie Dunne 
Efcee Conde and Michelle Conde 
Christine Condy and Saji Vithayathil 
Andrea Conroy and Tom Batten 
Colman Conroy '88 
Sean Considine and Rachelle Considine 
Brad Cook and Linda Campbell 
Nate Cornell and Jessica Cornell 
Maria Corrales and Salvador Ibanez de Opakua 
P. Cosgrove and Tracey Taylor-Cosgrove 
Doug Couden and Holly Couden 
Michael Coulson and Adrienne Down Coulson 
Jim Cox and Sarah Cox 
Tom Crabtree and Patricia Callaway 
Jason Cranston and Jeannine Cranston 
Sean Crawford and Solana Crawford 
Jason Crespo '92 and Colleen Crespo 
Matt Crisp and Deb Crisp 
Dean Crispen '87 
Rob Cronan and Denise Cronan 
Pia Crosby 
Marc Cua and Nanette Cua 
Kevin Cuevas and Maria Del Rosario-Cuevas 
Sean Cumiskey and Patricia Cumiskey 
Adam D'Acquisto '95 and Kimmie D'Acquisto '95 
Chris D'Agostino and Dina D'Agostino 
Zaven Daigian and Angela Daigian 
Manish Dalal '92 and Mansi Dalal 
Jayson Dallas and Jennifer Dallas 
Amanda (Pulliam) Danaher '95 and Colin Danaher 
Jacob Danfoura '93 and Maha Danfoura 
Josh Danson and Kelly Danson 
Thatcher Davis and Shannon Davis 
Michael De Benedetti '81 and Kim De Benedetti 
Randy Dean and Brigitte (Benharrous) Dean 
Preston Death and Chrissy Death 
Dennis Dee and Ayra Dee 
Manny Dekermenjian and Stephanie Dekermenjian 
Joseph Dekker '98 and Stephanie Dekker 
Fredo Del Rio '91 and Cynthia Del Rio 
Chris Del Santo and Melissa Del Santo 
Andrew Dela Rama and Marjorie Dela Rama 
Jackie Dela Rosa '94 and Michael Cadiz 
Artie DelNegro and Missy DelNegro 
Joe DeLucchi '94 and Kim DeLucchi 
Oliver Demuth and Vanna Shir 
Michael Derrick and Jen Derrick 
Daniel Devitt and Farnaz Devitt 
Stephen Devlin and Holly Toboni 
Gurpreet Dhaliwal and Ritu Patel 
Maggie Diab 
Jeffrey Dito '79 and Hilary Dito 
Nam-Giao Doan and Wendy Peters 
Janine (Keenan) Doerner '93 and Karl Doerner 
Michael Donovan 
Sharath Dorbala and Anjani Dorbala 
John Doyle and Lori Doyle 
Anne Marie (Warren) Duffy '94 and William Duffy 
Mike Duffy and Tzvetana Duffy 
Nigel Duffy and Christie Duffy 
Sean Duffy '85 and Sheri Duffy 
Elena Duggan and Matthew Jackson 
Angie Dumagsa 
Chris Dunn '88 and Michelle Jondreau 
Kempton Dunn and Meredith Dunn 
Ryan Dunn '94 and Julie Dunn 
Francis Dy '90 and Janis Mandac-Dy 
Greg Efstratis and Jenny Dedo 
Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida 
Chuck Eggert '94 and Gina Eggert 
Paul Eggert '88 and Karen Eggert 
Chuck Emanuel '87 and Leticia Emanuel 
Matthew Engel and Sheila Danabar 
Rob Ennis '82 and Heidi Ennis 
Robb Erskine and Julie Erskine 
Scott Esters and Michelle Jew 
James Estillore and Cristy Estillore 
Serge Etcheverry 
John Eugster and Mary Eugster 
James Evangelista '94 and Aimee Evangelista 
Chad Evans and Shannon Evans 
Christopher Ewers and Cheryl Ewers 
Karen Faciane and Livaly Faciane 
Christer Fahlgren and Åsa Fahlgren 
Dean Fantham and Yvette Fantham 
Mike Farrah '85 and Maya Draisin 
Mark Farrell '92 and Liz Farrell 
Andrew Fedeli 
Ben Ferdon '91 and Abigayle Ferdon 
Christian Fernandez '96 and Leah Anne (Luistro) Fernandez '96 
Adrian Fernandez-del-Campo '87 and Natasha Fernandez-del-Campo 
Gino Filice and Zena Filice 
Matt Fillbrandt and Stephanie Fillbrandt 
Ben Fineberg and Amie Fineberg 
Peter Finkel and Rebecca Perlmutter 
Brian Finnerty and Nicola Finnerty 
Jeff Fisher and Amy Weaver 
John Fisher and Jen Fisher 
Michael Fisher and Mary Wu 
John Fitzgibbon and Margaret Garrou 
Jason Flashberg and Gina Perri 
Michael Flocchini and Lydia Flocchini 
Daniel Flores and Priscilla Flores 
Francis Flores and Leonifer Flores 
Matthew Folk and Lindsay Folk 
Albert Fong and Denise Hong 
Ray Fong and Helen Fong 
Yvonne Fong and Ferdinand Tang 
Jeannie Fontanilla '93 and Robert Gines 
Marshall Fordyce and Sara Fordyce 
Charlie Forrester and Wendy Forrester 
Benjamin Forsyth and Caren Cubas-Forsyth 
Nicole Fortune and Patrick Reichenberger 
Chris Foss '88 and Michelle Baden 
Andrew Foster and Michelle Foster 
Erin Frakes and Garrett Frakes 
Roberto Franco and Daniela Franco 
Marc Franklin and Darleen Franklin 
Vladimir Frenkel and Nadezhda Frenkel 
Tony Frey and Tatiana Frey 
Dave Frias and Adele Frias 
Mark Friedman and Heidi Friedman 
Tom Furtney and Erin Furtney 
Rein Gabrielsen and Marley Quirante 
Mark Gadduang and Erleen Fernandez 
Marty Gaehwiler '79 and Mia (Sangiacomo) Gaehwiler 
Daniel Gallegos 
Sean Galligan and Stephanie Mann 
George Gamarra '88 and Elizabeth Gamarra 
Joel Garcia and Marina Garcia 
Curtis Gardner and Christine Gardner 
John Gardner and Kathy Woeber Gardner 
Michelle Garred 
Odessa Garrett and David Garrett 
Jonathan Gaskin '92 and Sarah Mansell 
James Gassel and Beth Gassel 
Milo Gates and Lisa Gates 
Brandi Gaudet 
Garry Gavney and Kathleen Gavney 
Ronald Gawat and Maria Lourdes Gawat 
Carlos Gazulla and Davina Gazulla 
Allen Gee and Helen Gee 
Jeff Gee and Jana Gee 
Marie-Claire Gelbard and Joe Gelbard 
Jason Geller and Lisa Borah-Geller 
Alan George and Shin George 
Jennifer George and Gregory Rodrigues 
Frank Ghali and Robyn Ghali 
Candler Gibson and Marni Tuel 
David Gilbert and Shannon Gilbert 
John Gill and Samantha Gill 
Tyson Godfrey and Hilary Hubbard 
Joseph Goethals '95 and Sharon Goethals 
Kyle Goggin and Susan Goggin 
Len Goldberg and Nancy Goldberg 
Raquel Goldman 
Allan Gomes and Shannon Gomes 
Jeannie Gonzalez-Alegata and Alex Alegata 
Jason Gordon and Robyn Gordon 
Alex Gorelik and Susan Pelton 
Maria Gracia Caceres 
Marc Grasso and Rossella Curci 
Beth Gray 
Jamie Gray 
Craig Greenwood and Marina Greenwood 
Melissa Gregory and Christopher Gregory 
Steve Grochol '93 and Robin (Harvey) Grochol '93 
Christian Groh '90 and Leah Groh 
Eric Grosse and Stefanie Grosse 
Gwendolyn Guerra and Guillermo Guerra 
Mark Guleno and Candice Guleno 
Mark Gullotta and Tina Gullotta 
George Gumpert and Lisa Gumpert 
Thomas Haan and Michelle Haan 
Thomas Haas and Michele Haas 
Eddie Hagan and Annette Hagan 
Jeff Hagan '85 and Katie Hagan 
Leo Haginicols and Tiffany Haginicols 
Joseph Haller and Kristen Haller 
Brendan Hallinan and Maira Hallinan 
Chris Hammett and Rebecca Hammett 
Helen Han 
Bao Hang and Dora Leung 
Bronagh Hanley and Sean Hanley 
Leo Hansen '88 and Audra (Dawson) Hansen 
Tom Harlan '90 and Nicole Harlan 
Michael Hartshorn and Michelle Hartshorn 
David Hay and Heather McCuskey 
Clark He and Katherine Chan 
Brian Heafey '86 and Jennifer Heafey 
Stephen Heath and Wendy Fung 
Jon Heaton '89 and Courtney Heaton 
Joe Hegstrom and Marina Hegstrom 
Joe Helmer and Kathleen Helmer 
Robin Herman 
Juan Hernández and Irma Juarez 
Carlos Herrera and Sonali Herrera 
Kathleen Herrmann 
Mark Herrmann 
Steven Heruty and Christy Heruty 
Suzanne Heske 
David Hesslein and Ashley Hesslein 
Shane Hiller and Yolanda Hiller 
Howard Hines and Maria Tan 
Brent Hoff 
Tanisha Hogan 
Ben Holl and Mahasty Lebastchi 
David Holscher and Phoebe Holscher 
Nicole Hom and Craig Hom 
Sean Honey and Kerry Honey 
Bernard Hong and Michelle Hong 
Erick Honores and Melissa Honores 
David Hoppe and Olga Dedikova 
Veiko Horak and Jane Solmann 
Howard Horn and Heidi Werner 
Jason Hornik and Leigh Hornik 
Amy Tovar and Benjamin Horwich 
Geoffrey Howard and Deborah Odier 
Victor Hoy and Cynthia Hoy 
Richard Johnson and Amy Hsiao 
Walter Hsueh and Hsiao Lin Hu 
Keri Huang and James Lin 
Justin Hughes and Michelle Hughes 
Michael Hughes and Ana Maria (Da Silva) Hughes 
Sean Hughes and Catherine Hughes 
Robert Hulsmann '87 and Deanna Hulsmann 
Ross Hummel and Michelle Hummel 
David Humphreys and Michelle Humphreys 
Amy (Rhein) Hunt '94 and Rich Hunt '96 
Gerald Hwang and Kathy Hwang 
Marshall Hydorn and Becka Hydorn 
Luis Ibarra-Rivera '84 and Stephanie (Brandin) Ibarra-Rivera 
Marion Ingersoll 
Robert Innes and Jennifer Ziepniewski 
John Iparraguirre and Dawn Iparraguirre 
Lance Ishimoto and Jenny Kim 
Angela Isola and Jeff Isola 
Tom Ivers and Julie Ivers 
Theresa (Kelly) Jackson '93 and Trent Jackson 
Hormoz Janssens and Anthi Janssens 
Jill Jarrett and Andrew Williamson 
Natalie Jenks 
Michelle Jeong 
Sarah (Warren) Jerry '96 and Matt Jerry 
Wennie Ji and Peter Mao 
Wenwu Jin 
Aaron Johnson and Lainie Motamedi 
Aaron Johnson and Deborah McCrimmon 
David Johnson and Stacie Johnson 
Emmett Johnson and Ana Maria Johnson 
Scott Johnson and McKenzie Ward 
Brian Jones and Whitney Jones 
Marty Jones and Renee Thierry-Jones 
Steve Jones and Sarah Jones 
Tim Jones '80 and Donna Jones 
Joseph Jovero and Kumiko Jovero 
Eric Jue and Trisha Jue 
Gene Jung and Anne Jung 
Tom Kahle '00 and Kaity Kahle 
Michael Kalagayan and Catherine Herbert 
Michel Kapulica '81 and Elizabeth Brogna 
Pete Karageuzian and Astor Leung 
Walter Karanian and Sarah Karanian 
Peter Karp and Leah Karp 
Carla Kasper and Marc Kasper 
Brian Kavanagh '94 and Staci Kavanagh 
Derek Kazee and Sandra Kazee 
Bryan Keane and Jen Keane 
Norman Keegan and Michelle Keegan 
Mike Keim and Cassie Zampa-Keim 
Naomi Kelly and Harlan Kelly 
Patrick Kelly '88 and Maria Kelly 
David Kharadze and Tamila Bubuteishvili 
Fady Khoury and Susie Khoury 
Tony Kiehn and Sara Kiehn 
Kelli Kiernan and David Kiernan 
Armand Kilijian and Tamar Kilijian 
Sean Killion and Regan Stuart-Killion 
Jen King and Griff King 
Ralph King and Shirley King 
Andrew Ko and Christine Ko 
Aleksei Koika and Olena Yevtushenko 
John Kovacevich and Jennifer Kovacevich 
Henry Krabbenschmidt and Graciela Krabbenschmidt 
Johannes Kratz and Christina Pham 
Andrew Kronk and Amy Kronk 
Kelly Krpata and Anita Krpata 
Johnny Kuo and Paulina Chen 
Calvin Kwok and Annie Poon 
Celine Kwok and Juice Kwok 
Jason Labagh '97 and Athena Labagh 
Alex Ladd and Katherine Ladd 
Kerry Laddaran and Andrew Laddaran 
Dominic Lai and Agnes Yiu 
Kathleen Laipply and Stephen Laipply 
Jeff Lally and Carrie Lally 
Hanh Lam and Lawrence Kam 
Minh Lam and Karen Lam 
Bryan Lamb and Bridget Ford 
Sean Lamb and Renee Lamb 
Leslie Lambert 
Jim Landers and Lisa Landers 
Alex Lau and Daisy Sundstrom 
Denny Lau and Elaine Lau 
Tony Lau '90 and Alina Lee 
Carolyn Lau-Ng '93 and William Ng 
Terri Law 
Lars Leckie and Joanna Meldrum 
Bernadette (Dee) Lee '95 and Todd Lee 
Gary Lee and Kay Lee 
Khim Lee and Ryann Yap 
Scott Lee and Tracey Lee 
Sherman Lee and Danielle Lee 
Tim Lee and Cissy Lee 
Yvonne Lee and Deming Liao 
Kyra Legg 
Michael Lehane and Tatjana Rmus 
Bruce Lehnert and Jenni Lehnert 
Stephen Lemmer and Molly Lemmer 
Christine Lenihan and Jim Lenihan 
Cristhians Leon and Marisol Durand 
Cleighton Leong and Linda Leong 
Kernan Leong and Betty Leong 
Jeffrey Leopold and Cyrece Puccio 
David Leung and Cynthia Kwan 
Lawrence Leung and Melanie Leung 
Chris Leupold and Susie Leupold 
Brenda (Lamb) Lewis '93 and Gordon Lewis 
Jennifer Lewis and Dan Fannon 
Kyle Lewis and Cheryl Lewis 
Melissa (Kelleher) Lewis '95 and Mark Lewis 
Damon Li and Brenda Li 
Joey Li and Wen Ouyang 
David Liang and Fiona Chen 
Alex Lim and Judy Lim 
Walter Lim and Rowena Lim 
Eduardo Limo and Consuelo Fernandez 
Dave Lin and Maggie Hong 
Wyatt Lin and Fang-Yu Su 
Zhuobin Lin and Cynthia Yuanping Li 
Chris Lindstrand and Maira Lindstrand 
Charles Link 
Benchun Liu and Zhongmei Li 
Edgar Liu and Thandar Nyunt 
Lester Liu and Jane Kang 
Raymond Liu and Lin Yang 
Michelle (Gomez) Liwanag '96 and John Liwanag 
Wayne Lok and Tracy Lee 
Sarah Long 
Dan Loos and Monica Loos 
Patrick Lorenzo and Melody Lorenzo 
Patrick Louie and Anita Lee 
Chad Low and Jeannie Low 
Jeff Lucas and Judy Lucas 
Chrissy (Drucker) Luceno '93 and Tim Luceno 
Tim Lucey '87 and Patricia Hunter 
Holger Luedorf and Stephanie Mcginn Luedorf 
Warren Luhning and Robyn Luhning 
Lesley (Luistro) Luistro-Sy '97 and Mikko Sy 
Martin Lum and Miranda Lum 
Mike Lum and Crystall Ho 
Brendan Lund '89 and Amie Lund 
Philip Luongo and Heather Luongo 
Jared Luskin and Anika Luskin 
Donald Luu and Mei Mei Chan 
Brian Lynch and Nathalie Lynch 
Cathy Ma and Victor Wu 
Steven Ma and Jenny Chu 
Sean Macnew and Lisa Macnew 
Greg Maddox and Connie Maddox 
Andrea Madlambayan and Luigie Madlambayan 
Bruce Maes and Marti Maes 
Joseph Magher and Tricia Magher 
Marco Magnano and Molly Magnano 
Michael Magnuson and Rachel Heit 
Rustam Magomedov and Yuliya Magomedov 
Regan Mahoney and Tyrrell Mahoney 
Patrick Mahony and Linda Murphy 
Michael Makstman and Gaby Makstman 
Christine (Valentin) Manalo '94 and Jake Manalo '94 
Paul Manangan and Mare Manangan 
Jay Manaoat '90 and Tiffany Manaoat 
Ralph Mandarano and Belisa Mandarano 
Bhagwan Mann and Harkirat Mann 
Rob Mann and Margaret Kelley 
Daniel Manning and Melanie Manning 
Tom Mannion and Meredith Mannion 
Henry Mar and Trudy Mar 
Marina Marangosian 
Sahaya Mariadasan and Jatinder Kaur 
Christopher Marlowe and Emily Marlowe 
Arturo Marquez and Maxine Bentzman 
Gerald Martin and Jocelynn Martin 
Elisa Martinez 
Lourdes Martinez and Enrique Ortegon 
Thomas Marx and Jackie Marx 
Jeff Masuda and Melanie Masuda 
Matthew Matagrano and Jen Matagrano 
John Mazza and Lisa Mazza 
Andy McCall and Breigh McCall 
James McCall and Sophia Chen 
Angus McCarthy and Sheila McCarthy 
Kristen (Purcell) McCarthy and Derk Purcell 
Mathew McClain and Namita McClain 
Kurt McCulloch and Charmaine Curtis 
Ryan McDermott and Maggie McDermott 
Melissa McDonald Wagner 
Dan McDonough and Laura McDonough 
Jim McFadden '80 and Maureen McFadden 
Bill McFarland '72 and Tessa McFarland 
John McGee and Cherie McGee 
Andreliz McGlade and Mark McGlade 
Toby McGowan and Cherrie McGowan 
James McGrath and Sandra McGrath 
Thomas McGuigan '86 and Veronica Bricker 
Josh McHugh and Margaret Johnson 
Christopher McKay and Sarah McKay 
Stephen McKay and Elaine McKay 
Michael McKeeman and Laura Donahue 
Mike McKeon '88 and Kathleen McKeon 
Thomas McKeon '86 and Susan McKeon 
Diane (Chiolo) McKie '00 
Morgan McLintic and Lucy McLintic 
Ian McMahan and Tracy McMahan 
Bret McManigal and Kim McManigal 
Kevin McNally and Maria Giambona 
Michael Meehan and Ann Borgonovo 
Saúl Mejia and Marisol Medel 
Dexter Mendiola and Evangeline Mendiola 
Michael Mendoza '93 and Angelina Mendoza '95 
RIP: Amy Messinger 
Willie Mickles and Crystal Mickles 
John Mifsud and Tricia Mifsud 
Terry Milby and Marcy Milby 
Michelle Millard and Jean-Jacques Millard 
Jeb Miller and Jennifer Miller 
Matthew Miller and Denise Lo 
Matt Miller '86 and Tanya Miller 
Russell Miller and Natalya Babayeva Miller 
Alden Mills and Jennifer Mills 
Anthony Mitchell and Francine Mitchell 
Robert Mock and Betza Mock 
Mike Modesti '78 and Julie Modesti 
Gregory Mohr and Donna Mohr 
Simon Mok and Joycelyn Chan Mok 
Katie (Hall) Molinari '95 and Aaron Molinari '95 
Frank Mong '92 and Sandra Lee 
Liz Moore 
Trent Moore 
Bill Moore '90 and Francesca Moore 
Betsy Mora and Alvaro Mora 
Jonathan Morales and Gina Fabor 
Charles Morganson and May Lynn Tan 
Matt Moriarty '88 and Susan Ferguson 
Sean Moriarty '90 and Tara Moriarty 
Melanie (Driscoll) Morrison '93 and Shaun Morrison 
Richard Mortillaro and Patricia Downey 
Jason Mostasisa '91 and Jennifer (Bonifacio) Mostasisa '95 
Joseph Moulia '82 and Aline Moulia 
Chris Moustakas and Wendy Gamble 
Robert Mullin and Paige Mullin 
Ankur Mulye and Tina Paul Mulye 
Brian Murphy and Jenni Brummett 
Gerald Murphy '81 and Beatrice Murphy 
John Murphy and Kate Murphy 
Marty Murphy '84 and Marie Murphy 
Steve Murphy and Ann King 
Matthew Murray and Nicole Murray 
Michael Murray and Kealy Murray 
Mike Muzzy and Claudine Delagnes-Muzzy 
Steve Myers and Heidi Sabelhaus 
Normandy Nangca and Liwayway Nangca 
Kurt Nangle and Alexandra (d'Arbeloff) Nangle 
Carmen Naranjo-Beard and Jonathan Beard 
Sett Nazarethian and Joyce Nazarethian 
Don Nazzal '78 and Jennet Nazzal 
Thomas Neeson and Olive Neeson 
Josh Nelson and Stella Nelson 
Matthew Nerney '91 and Angela Nerney 
Joshua Niclas and Adrienne Fratini 
Matthew Niemi and Sacha Niemi 
Amar Nijagal and Malini Nijagal 
Lloyd Noronha and Jagadha Sivan 
John O'Brien and Peggy O'Brien 
Kevin O'Brien and Sonja Moelleken 
Kevin O'Brien and Stephanie Harden-O'Brien 
Kevin O'Brien '92 and Alix O'Brien 
Bob O'Brien and Stephanie O'Brien 
Jarlath O'Carroll and Diem O'Carroll 
Igor Ochev and Regina Ochev 
Colin O'Connell '97 and Kimberly O'Connell 
Patrick O'Connor '85 
Jim O'Driscoll and Rose Kingston 
Colman O'Leary '90 and Tessa O'Leary 
Everett Oliven and Soraya Oliven 
Scott Olrich and Leslie Olrich 
Bob O'Meara '78 and Jolenne O'Meara 
Kevin O'Neil '86 and Gabrielle O'Neil 
Janine O'Neill and Naozer Dadachanji 
Logan O'Neill and Nicholas O'Neill 
Paul O'Neill and Lynn O'Neill 
Shawn O'Neill and Shannon O'Neill 
Lin Ong and Lenny Shaver 
Prince J. Onyebuchi and Gina Onyebuchi 
Lauren Orlick 
Cesar Orosco and Laurie Orosco 
Fabiola Ortega-Canchola 
Michael O'Shaughnessy and Sinead Foley 
Alex Ostrowski and Melissa Eugenio 
Kevin O'Sullivan '84 
Kristina O'Sullivan and Thomas O'Sullivan 
Lauren O'Sullivan 
Andy Oum and Mali Situ 
Bruce Ovbiagele and Jessica Ovbiagele 
David Owen and Tina Chao 
Lee Ozaeta and Jennifer Reodica 
David Pachla and Koryn Pachla 
Joe Pacula and Caroline Pacula 
Dennis Page and Lindsay Page 
Anna (DeVoto) Pailhe '97 and Sean Pailhe '97 
Anka Paine 
Jen Panasik 
Eric Panosian and Sevana Panosian 
Andrew Paolucci and Jane Paolucci 
Christopher Paras and Laraleis Paras 
Kevin Parker and Rolyn Parker 
Alex Parr and Jennifer (Davis) Parr 
Mathew Pashby and Alicia Pashby 
Jeff Pasquini and Millo Pasquini 
Dipak Patel and Kalpana Patel 
Josie (Chang) Patricio 
Michael Patricio and Meyvelyn Patricio 
Alec Patterson and Michelle Patterson 
Michael Pattison and Noeleen Pattison 
Michael Pellegrini '98 and Alissa Pellegrini 
Hubert Penny and Eileen Penny 
Sastry Penumarthy and Mala Pattanayek 
Patrick Perez and Sharon Perez 
Paul Perez and Lia (Battaglia) Perez 
Kevin Perotti '92 
Nikki Perry Cooper '94 
Donald Persky and Valerie Persky 
Erik Peterson and Michelle Peterson 
Peter Petitt and Claire Petitt 
Anthony Phillips and Angelica Phillips 
Fabio Piersanti and Katherine Piersanti 
Thomas Pigoski and Leslie Errington 
Tom Piliero and Debbie Piliero 
Yelena Pletmintseva and Boris Troshin 
Daniel Plotinsky and Amy Singer 
Joanne Poile 
Vladislav Polonsky and Svetlana Polonsky 
Jen Popple 
Katherine Ann Portugal '94 and Ha Tran 
Matt Powell '89 and Jennifer Powell 
Bob Powell and Karen Powell 
Craig Powers 
Jennifer Prescott and Paul Mooney 
Marina Psaros 
Bob Purcell and Catherine Pajak 
Jonathan Pyo and Julia Je 
Nam Quach and Charlene Chen 
Michael Quackenbush 
Bill Quan and Michelle Quan 
Greg Quilici and Rachel Quilici 
Benjamin Quinones 
Jose Quinonez and Ana Perez 
John Quintos and Nicole Magalit 
Herman Quon and Sarina Quon 
Scott Raber and Shannon Raber 
Maurice Radalj and Anna Radalj 
Peter Ragone 
Dan Rangel and Kim Rangel 
Cristián Rathgeb and Megan Rathgeb 
Zach Read and Brooke Read 
Thomas Reed and Rachel Reed 
Matt Reeder and Ali Reeder 
John Regalia '93 and Liz (Gustorf) Regalia 
Joseph Reid and Diane Reid 
Kimberly Repp 
Laura Resnansky Jacob 
Juan Manuel Reynoso and Blanca Reynoso 
Michelle (Devencenzi) Rhein '98 and David Rhein 
Keith Ring and Caroline McCabe 
Michael Riordan '83 and Kori Riordan 
Zeb Ripple and Kate Ripple 
Jeff Rivera and Emmy Pho 
Bill Robb and Andrea Robb 
Savita (Sahi) Roberts '93 and Dale Roberts 
Ross Robinson and Molly Dunlop Robinson 
Jim Rocchio and Jolene Rocchio 
Daniel Rodkewich and Vera Rodkewich 
Bill Rodoni '88 and Liz Rodoni 
Aurora Rodriguez 
Leticia (Jin) Rodriguez 
Jean Roland and Rob Roland 
Paul Rolfe and Sandra Louie 
Sean Rollings and Keely Rollings 
Mauricio Roman and Zenelia Nicolas 
Kevin Rooney '89 and Diane Rooney 
Aaron Rosenthal and Bonnie Jacobsen 
Mike Rossetto '83 and Rossana Rossetto 
Jim Ruane '93 and Monica Ruane 
Edwin Ruiz '92 and Mhaysie Ruiz 
George Rush '92 and Jaime Rush 
Casey Ryan and Kelly Ryan 
Amarjit Sahota and Simi Sahota 
Marianne Saint Martin dit Martinon and Jean Michel Saint Martin dit Martinon 
Andrew Salentine and Andrea Azar 
Mazen Salfiti '89 
Jari Salomaa and Katariina Salomaa 
David Sandler and Jocelyn Sandler 
Jose Sandoval and Lisa Chinchilla 
Ronald Santos and Meridee Milleza 
Mike Sarimsakci and Lilianne Sarimsakci 
Mark Savant '82 and Angelica Savant 
Elliot Schaffer and Jennifer Schaffer 
Jim Scheg and Kathleen Scheg 
Peter Schlampp and Joanie Schlampp 
Alexander Schuth and Eva Schuth 
Andrew Scott and Kirsten Scott 
Dennis Scott and Amy Scott 
Michael Seidenberg and Beatrix Seidenberg 
Cristiano Sequeira and Carolyn Cannon-Sequeira 
Sam Shank and Sara Shank 
Natalia Shapiro and Denis Gefter 
Pallavi Sharma and Shailendra Devdhara 
Gina (Tursi) Sharron '97 and Anthony Sharron 
Josh Shaskan and Lisa Shaskan 
Timothy Sheehan and Wendi Sheehan 
Tien Shen and Senta Anderson 
Andy Shi 
Jennifer (Barry) Shumway '95 and Michael Shumway 
Tej Sidhu and Meena Sidhu 
Luke Siegfried and Adrienne Siegfried 
Mike Simmons and Diana Simmons 
Alex Sinphanich and Patricia Sinphanich 
Wesley Sito and Anita Or 
Pete Siwinski and Karen Siwinski 
Laurence Sjauwfoekloy and Lillian Chau 
John Slack and Victoria (Slack) Mooradian 
Erik Smith and Julie Smith 
Farrell Smith 
Marissa (Lau) Smith '97 and Tim Smith 
Jeff Snipes and Sally Snipes 
Jeffrey Snodgrass and Joanna Mroz 
Christopher Sokolov and Crystal Sokolov 
John Somoza and Sharmila Rajan 
Brian Song and Moonkyung Song 
Adam Sopko and Libby Marsh 
Christie (Kennedy) Sorenson '96 and Luke Sorenson 
Bryan Spaulding '89 and Pam Spaulding 
Scott Spertzel and Renee Spertzel 
Clark Spink and Michele Spink 
Mathew Spolin and Cheri Spolin 
Jeff St. Clair and Molly St. Clair 
Peter St. Geme and Polly St. Geme 
Neil Stallings and Roxanne Malek 
Richard Stans and Kristin Stans 
Kathy Statton and Andrew Statton 
Chris Stecher '92 and Amy (Narvaez) Stecher '93 
Matt Stecher '93 and Shawna Stecher 
Ben Stefancic and Sandy Stefancic 
Allison Stephens 
Lane Stephens '93 and Elizabeth Stephens 
Caroline Sterman and Lisa Sterman 
Lori Puccinelli Stern and Peter Stern 
Tyson Stevenson and Megan Stevenson 
Jack Stiefel and Alison Stiefel 
Ronald Sto. Domingo and Kristine Sto. Domingo 
Mike Strain and Anna Strain 
Geoffrey Stubson and Jamie Stubson 
Michael Stuppin and Frances Lee 
Kwok Sue and Ellen Tsang 
John Sullivan '98 and Callie (Lindahl) Sullivan '99 
Louis Summe and Susan Summe 
Michael Susor and Thaai Walker 
Jim Sweeney '79 and Anne (Larson) Sweeney 
Chris Swindle and Kathy Swindle 
Garrick Tam and Xiu Yu Zhang 
Peter Tam and Lucy Tam 
Edwin Tan and Cora Tan 
Michael Tarongoy and Anna Lea Tarongoy 
Bradford Taylor and Catherine Doyle 
Kevin Terjesen and Nika Claes-Terjesen 
Robert Terry and Suzie Terry 
Jay Thomson and Shannon Thomson 
Bruce Thorpe and Melanie Lowe 
Frank Timons and Annie Timons 
Sam Tin 
Nicholas Todd and Carrie Todd 
Alex Tokar and Biana Shikhman 
Geraldine Tolentino 
Vince Tomeldan '93 and Katrina (Gil) Tomeldan '93 
Elizabeth (Martin) Toups and Anne Martin 
Stephanie Tourand and Todd Tourand 
Alex Tovarian and Regina Jacobson 
Eddy Tran and Phoebe Dinh 
Owen Tran and Amy Tran 
William Tran and Reina Hugh 
John Tribolet and Gina Tribolet 
Connie Tsao and Tommy Jiang 
Ann Tse 
David Tse and Annie Chan 
Henry Tu and Christina Lai 
Kevin Tuckman 
Eric Valentini and Sussette Mejia-Valentini 
Frake Van de Braak and Michelle Van De Braak 
Alicia Van Oast and John Van Oast 
Dennis Van and Vivian Zhu 
Lenny Vandermade and Tai Vandermade 
Neil Vassar and Anna Vassar 
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed 
Carlo Vicino '87 and Ines Vicino 
Aaron Villarin and Pamela Villarin 
Lawrence Villegas and Jocelyn Villegas 
Sean Visser and Kate Visser 
Alvaro Vivas and Maritza Rodriguez 
Bill Vlahos '83 and Julie Vlahos 
Rich Voon and Linda Voon 
Brian Wachowicz and Mary Wachowicz 
Nicholas Wagner 
John Walcott and Kristin Walcott 
David Wall '83 and Robin Wall 
Jim Wall and Nancy Wall 
Peter Wall and Jennifer Wall 
Joshua Walti and Mary Walti 
Gregory Wan and Lisa Wan 
Christopher Warden and Trang Warden 
Julian Ware '89 and Lezlee Ware 
Stephen Wasserman '90 and Victoria Wasserman 
Sean Weatherill and Catlin Weatherill 
Erica Weiss and Jeffrey Meisel 
Chris Weltzien and Mary Kay Melvin 
Warren Wen and Sharon Wen 
Adam Werbach and Lyn Werbach 
Shawn Whalen and Kristina Whalen 
Jean Wheeler and Brian Wheeler 
Jeff Whipps and Susan Greenleaf Whipps 
Jeff White and Robyn White 
Ryan White and Robyn White 
Brenton Wickam 
Kimberly (Jackson) Wickam 
Ian Wickum and Christen Wickum 
Reagan Williams and Jenna Nicoletti Williams 
Scott Williams and Alice Williams 
Dawn Wineinger 
Joseph Winters and Megan Winters 
Evan Wittenberg and Carla Wittenberg 
Brian Wix and Christina Fischer 
Nicole Wolff and Andrew Slakoff 
Wiyanto Wondany and Anna Wondany 
Archie Wong and Peggy Chiu-Wong 
Clifford Wong and Jo Chang 
Greg Wong and Cyndi (Tung) Wong 
Harry Wong and Jennifer Yuen 
Ralan Wong and My Wong 
Randy Wong and Bing Liu 
Wai Wong and Min Min Sun 
Wayman Wong and Georgia Tsang 
Joseph Wraga '88 and Elizabeth Steininger-Wraga 
Ben Wright and Karen Lee 
Fatima Helga (Yusuf David) Wright '96 and Jeremy Wright 
Michael Wu '97 and Ying Xu 
Steve Wynne '90 and Jessica Wynne 
Amy Yang 
Brian Yee and Shereen Yee 
Karen Yee and Jon Low 
Samuel Yen '91 and Eve Farrington-Yen 
Kenneth Yeung and Monlisa Yeung 
Casey Yost and Janet Yost 
Kai Yu and Kelly McCarthy 
Xavier Zang and Liz Zang 
Ali Zarrin and Maria Lorenzo 
Craig Zevas '88 and Yolanda Carmen Medina Zevas '94 
Ilya Zhuravlev and Karina Zhuravlev 
Catherine (Rosenthal) Zinn 
Guy Zuzovsky and Amy Cohen