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Students return from studies & travel in China
Students return from studies & travel in China

The group returned from their two-week tour June 16. The SI group has been in China. They were accompanied by Chinese language teacher Leona Pappas, Spanish teacher Carlos Gazulla and by parents Shirla Lai and Edward Chin. They visited Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu, where they practiced their Chinese and experienced first-hand the culture. Students also did some volunteer work by helping in a senior center, teaching English in a grammar school and cleaning the facilities, preparing food and feeding the giant pandas at Dujiangyan City. (Photos by Carlos Gazulla)

Students at the Great Wall outside Beijing.

SI group touring Beijing.

Farah Fong'21 at a tea ceremony in Chengdu.

Madeline Hartigan'21 playing with small children.

SI students in a Chinese Kung fu class.